• Living Vehicle has unveiled its newest luxury 2021 off-grid travel trailer.
  • The trailer comes in three different models ranging from $229,995 to $369,995, but the only difference between the three is the power systems.
  • The luxury home on wheels can optionally come with a home office set up that transforms the bedroom into a workspace for digital nomads or people working remotely amid the pandemic.
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Living Vehicle has unveiled its latest luxury 2021 off-grid travel trailer with an optional home office to meet the increasing demands for RVs amid the pandemic.

According to Living Vehicle, the company creates travel trailers that look more like “luxury apartments” than RVs by using high-end technology and a modern design.

Like many companies in the RV, travel trailer, and camper van industry, Living Vehicle offers a long list of optional upgrades that can further implement more luxury amenities into the tiny home on wheels, such as a spa bathroom, guest bed stored in the ceiling of the trailer, and a home office.

The new 2021 Living Vehicle trailer comes in three versions: the $229,995 Core, $289,995 Max, and $369,995 Pro. However, the only difference between the three are the power systems and weights.

The Core, Max, and Pro are all powered by Volta Power Systems’ lithium-ion battery, which can also double as an electric vehicle charger if the trailer is being towed by an EV.

Keep scrolling to see inside the new ultra-luxe 2021 model:

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