Coronavirus has hit Maui hard from a public health and economic standpoint.

But as the operator of a vacation rental in Kihei, the families who will rent my property will help support the local economy.

My guests frequent many of the shops and restaurants near our beautiful beaches, spending locally with small businesses who need to recover from the pandemic once travel resumes.

Recently, Kauai Mayor Kawakami and Expedia Group signed a memorandum of understanding to curb illegal vacation rentals and protect legal operators.

The memorandum of understanding requires a property’s online listing page to disclose its Tax Map Key (TMK) number, with invalid properties removed from Expedia Group’s platform.

I urge Mayor Victorino and Maui County Council to adopt fair, effective regulations similar to Kauai’s. I hope local officials can work with vacation rental operators to prevent illegal rentals, safeguard our community, and support our local economy and businesses.

Kimberly Lee


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