I absolutely love going to Cambridge in the summertime

I’m not the greatest cyclist but I make an exception for Cambridge because there are just so many different things and places you get to see on a bike. 

As a black woman, researching where I’m travelling is a huge factor in any holiday or travel plans

For work, we do a risk assessment and, if going to a country that has discriminatory laws, we make sure that we’ve got safety measures in place. For any personal trip, I will look at crime rates, incidences of hate crime towards women and hotel reviews. Making sure you don’t leave with a scarred view of the place is important. 

For a perfect holiday, I like sunshine, good food and a good book to read by the pool

Also, if I am going to go travelling with people, or a companion, the company has to be right. You may be travelling with someone who’s really active and wants to go on bike rides and hiking, and that’s not necessarily me.

My earliest travel memories include going to the Isle of Wight

It felt like “abroad” because you had to get on a ferry. Then there was tasting my first frogs’ legs at 10 years old in Paris, and a trip to Accra in Ghana when I was 11. I learnt there that, because of blackouts, people would have to sit in the dark or light a candle. 

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