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Canada Flag

The beauty of Canada’s landscape and natural wonders are world-famous. Not necessarily as famous, but definitely worth noting, are its smattering of giant landmarks. The array of some of the world’s largest statues show off Canada’s sense of humor, whimsy, and make for an unforgettable fall road trip.

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Large animal friends

Normally, you wouldn’t want to get near a moose, but Mac the Moose is completely harmless. He’s located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

“He’s supersized and super-adorable, and what’s more Canadian than a totally huge moose, eh?” writes writer Helena Hanson.

Grady the Gigantic Goose makes quite the impression in Ontario thanks to her height of 26 feet.

The World’s Biggest Dinosaur awaits you in Alberta.

“Not only can you take selfies with the huge creature, you can also climb 106 stairs inside the sculpture and enjoy the surrounding views from inside his mouth!” Hanson writes.

Food for thought

Located in Alberta is the World’s Largest Sausage. The statue is 42 feet tall. It was built to honor the Stawnichy’s Meat Processing factory.

Another statue honoring food is the largest perogy also located in Alberta. The Giant Perogy measures 27 feet tall. It weighs 6,000 pounds and also features a fork, which was originally added to stop people’s confused glances. After snapping a picture or two of the statue, you can satisfy your cravings for a real perogy at the town’s only restaurant, the Perogy Café.

world's largest lobster new brunswick canada
The world’s largest lobster statue resides in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the “Lobster Capital of the World,” so it makes sense that’s where the World’s Largest Lobster lives. It cost $170,000 to build the sculpture, and it’s a favorite among visitors.

Canada’s favorite pastime

You can honor the country’s favorite pastime with a stop in Duncan, British Columbia to see the largest hockey stick and puck.

“Built way back in 1985, the 205-foot stick weighs a whopping 61,000 pounds!” Hanson adds.

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These landmarks will have you smiling long after you’ve driven away.