The Maldives says it will give tourists perks through a new loyalty rewards program

a body of water: The "Maldives Border Miles" is set to launch in December 2020. Shutterstock/LedyX

© Shutterstock/LedyX
The “Maldives Border Miles” is set to launch in December 2020. Shutterstock/LedyX

  • The Maldives plans on launching a loyalty rewards program come December to boost tourism, which has suffered under the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The “Maldives Border Miles” program says visitors will get points for every border crossing, which will get them various perks and benefits, according to its website.
  • What these perks are has yet to be announced.
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Around the Bend – D Magazine

If anyone understands the snowball effect that good design, a little strategic styling, and the magic of marketing can have, it’s Amber Venz Box. Now the founder of rewardStyle—the platform that effectively launched the influencer industry overnight—is applying her aesthetic approach to real estate. But don’t think brick and mortar; more like raw wood beams and tarps.

Box and her husband and business partner, Baxter, discovered the ghost town of

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What to Bring on Your Oahu Vacation

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Returning to New York from an international destination? You’ll likely have to quarantine

a large city with tall buildings in the background

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Amidst the myriad headlines that have peppered media sources this week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has added a couple of his own.

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In addition to updating the weekly restrictions list for

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How Southern cities are adapting tourism in the time of COVID-19


Asheville is encouraging visitors to observe COVID-19 precautions and take advantage of the area’s opportunities for socially distanced activities in the outdoors. (Photo: Courtesy Explore Asheville)

Explore Asheville, the North Carolina town’s tourism promotion organization, decided in June that it was time to entice tourists back. But they were cautious. They focused the ad campaign on potential visitors who lived within 100 miles, close enough to drive. They used

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New Orleans, Charleston, South welcome back travelers amid COVID-19


If you’re planning to take a road trip, remember these tips while traveling.


Explore Asheville, the North Carolina town’s tourism promotion organization, decided in June that it was time to entice tourists back amid the coronavirus pandemic. But it was cautious.

The tourism agency focused its ad campaign on potential visitors who lived within 100 miles, close enough to drive. It used reams of data to target

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4 Money Tips To Do Right Now During The Recession

The pandemic has raised concerns for many due to the financial complications it may have caused due to the economy, job losses, and for business owners who are dealing with reduced sales levels. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of financial struggle for people, and unfairly so. But if there is anything to learn from this pandemic, it is to be resilient. And resilient with our finances.

Job lay-offs,

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10 Tips For Using PR To Improve Your Google SEO

The PR Maven(R), CEO & Founder, Marshall Communications, creating & implementing marketing/PR/personal branding strategies.

In today’s digital world, Google Search is pretty much everything. Google processes an average of over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches annually. That comes out to more than 40,000 queries every second.

And it’s not just searches for “cooking recipes” or “how to change a tire” that make Google the world’s

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5 Tips to Maximize COVID-19 Testing and Reopen with Confidence

As schools, office buildings and tourist destinations open their doors once again, leaders continue to look for guidance on how to do so as safely as possible, for as long as possible and with as little threat of transmission as possible.

Rapid testing can help.

Over the last few months, NIC has been working with our partners, Impact Health and Next Marketing, on a turnkey, rapid COVID-19 testing solution, TourHealth.

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McGowan tips more cash into Stokes-Forrest East Perth Power Station redevelopment

“Under the WA Recovery Plan, an additional $16.1 million is being spent to further the outcomes of the existing East Perth Power Station project,” a note in the budget papers revealed.

There is more money budgeted now by the McGowan government for the private development than for a new museum at the East Perth Power Station site planned by the Carpenter government before it lost office in 2008.

Development WA,

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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Top tips for navigating this year’s big sale events

The time has come for big-box retailers to roll out some of their biggest shopping events of the year.

While it might sound like a win-win for

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Want to invest like a pro? We got you. Here are 6 tips to follow.

Diane Mtetwa, The Motley Fool
Published 7:01 a.m. ET Oct. 12, 2020

Investing your money can help it grow, and you know that it’s important. But you may not know how it grows or what precautions to take to ensure it grows consistently and that worries you, so instead, your money just sits in cash, earning practically nothing.

You are not alone. In my experiences as a financial advisor, this

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5 Tips for Planning Your Trip to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have seen loads of tourists visiting the country for the past two decades. They are modern, cosmopolitan, and have Caribbean-like beaches. In other words, by visiting the Spanish Islands, you have diverse options in food, landscape, and entertainment and for reasonable prices. The archipelago of seven main islands is part of Spain. But the feeling you get when you set foot there, it’s completely different.

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Xavi backs Jack Wilshere for Rangers transfer and tips him to become Scottish football’s best player

Xavi reckons Jack Wilshere would be the best player in Scotland if he teamed up with Steven Gerrard at Rangers.

Wilshere, 28, is a free agent ha ving had his West Ham contract terminated and is available.

Rangers have been credited with an interest and the former Spanish legend has claimed the English playmaker would benefit hugely from a move to Glasgow.

Xavi was asked about Wilshere and his potential

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6 essential SEO tips for tourism businesses

Whether you run a guest house, a game farm, an eatery, an adventure attraction or a transport service, the national lockdown has probably been hard on your tourism or travel business. As the country’s lockdown restrictions ease to level 1, you are no doubt looking forward to being able to welcome guests back to your destination.

Just ask one of our customers, Vinolia Masera, founder of travel and leisure portal,
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Tips for planning gatherings and celebrations this holiday season

If your holiday traditions involve large gatherings of friends and family, the coronavirus pandemic is going to make planning for this year’s festivities a little more complicated.

With health experts saying a third surge of cases is possible within the next several weeks, what should you be considering for celebrations of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas?

“You need to evaluate your risk as a family, depending on if you have

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11 favourite fry-up destinations in Surrey that everyone needs to visit for a full English breakfast

Many of us love to indulge in a full English breakfast.

It’s one of life’s small pleasures and on the weekends or your days off, when there’s time to relax, there’s nothing better than heading to a café or restaurant for breakfast or brunch. Let someone else do the cooking and washing-up, what a treat.

If you’re lucky, some places serve a full English breakfast all day so you don’t

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CDC guidelines for 2020 holidays: What you should avoid

In a new post on holiday gatherings, the Centers for Disease Control poses seven factors for Americans to consider as they decide if and how to plan their holiday gatherings.

The advice comes at an awkward moment for the CDC, which was forced to reverse course after a post last weekend that cited more risk from coronavirus aerosols than the agency had previously acknowledged. But the holiday guidance, which boils

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6 Luxe Bubble Retreat Options for Your Quarantine Pod

Vacations can function as a restorative measure for taking a break from our regularly scheduled lives. So, if the absence of the ability to safely travel to essentially anywhere amid the pandemic has been weighing on you, it makes sense. That time and space away can be crucial for preserving a sense of well-being, replenishing energy stores, and providing us with the opportunity to spend quality time with loved

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Beat the crowds at these 3 ‘secret’ Italian spots

a large building towers over a city

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When people go to Italy, they tend to think of the major players such as Rome, Capri, Milan, Florence and the Cinque Terre. And while those destinations are beautiful and unique in their own way, they are hardly

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