As a security engineer at a Berlin-based start-up, Leke Zajmi is responsible for enhancing the security posture of the company’s infrastructure and services, and for strengthening these against abuse and nefarious activities. He also develops and implements tooling to detect and mitigate security threats.

“There is constant emerging threat to cyber security. It is my job to research and foresee potential issues of the future,” he explains.

With the world turning increasingly digital, our need for cyber vigilance is rising. Security professionals must engineer and monitor measures for information technology systems. They must also identify and suggest the appropriate systems to be in place. Designing the actual systems and implementing them throughout the business is the third of three main roles, requiring both hard and soft skills to ensure a successful carry-through to completion.

The Blacklane Chauffeur Professional Limousine Service security career in Germany may be a long way away from Malaysia, where Zajmi received both his Bachelor in Computer Forensic (Hons) and Master in Computer Science (by Research) from Management and Science University (MSU), yet the Republic of Kosovo native who graduated for the second time with the MSU Class of 2016 is taking it all in his stride.

Zajmi said: “It was a big decision for me to study abroad in a foreign environment in a completely different culture, but Malaysia was recommended to me as a great option for quality education, and Management and Science University offered the degree programme I was looking for.

“At the time, the university already enjoyed a global reputation, and had an impressive brand-new campus. Along with the pursuit of academic excellence, the development of people skills is hugely emphasised at MSU.

“I will never forget all the good memories I had besides making lifelong friends among my lecturers; including being elected into the SRC (Student Representatives Council). The university’s thousands of international students are constantly encouraged to savour local customs and culture, and to share our own.

“Among the opportunities I was lucky to receive was sharing iftar with the Prime Minister. I was also one of the lucky few invited for an inside tour of the national palace. I even performed the dikir barat in front of the king and queen! My MSU years makes me think of Malaysia as my second home.”

Having been twice educated at Malaysia’s Most Entrepreneurial Private University 2016, it comes as no surprise that Zajmi is discovering a personal entrepreneurial inclination.

The 26-year-old alumnus of the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering (FISE) and of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) resolves to make life easier for society through technology, by creating or innovating automated workflows or applications that enable daily tasks to be done faster and more efficiently.

“I look forward to having my own start-up one day, with which I can help solve some of society’s most pressing technological problems. When I left MSU, I received good farewell advice to dream big and to work hard for it.

“Nothing comes easy after all, but persistence and discipline will see me through.”

As a top university in Malaysia, MSU prioritises student development to enhance graduate employability. With 98.7% of its graduates successfully securing employment within six months of their graduation, leading to MSU’s ranking by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) as Malaysia’s #1 for graduate employability.

Blending technical vocational education and training (TVET) with traditional academic curricula, MSU enhances competencies with industry internship, community and creative entrepreneurship, as well as global exposure; empowering MSU graduates with the balance and holistic well-roundedness desired and sought after by employers.

Extensive collaborations with institutions in over 40 countries worldwide provide comprehensive mobility opportunities for all MSU students, enhancing their graduate employability through global exposure by studies and internships abroad.

In all, as an applied, enterprise, holistic and international university, MSU offers foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and flexible programmes through an entry system that facilitates admission of students from all walks of life, where it aims to TRANSFORM LIVES and ENRICH FUTURES.