If you travel along Hendersonville Road, Asheville city and Buncombe County leaders need your help.

The French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is holding several virtual public workshops, beginning Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The workshops will focus on the section from Rock Hill Road to Airport Road. It’s a part of Hendersonville Road known for being heavily congested and expected to see more growth.¬†News 13 met Elizabeth Russler outside her dog groomers, one of several stops she made on Tuesday along Hendersonville Road.

“I love Hendersonville Road because it has so many places that I frequent and everything that I need,” Russler said. “I don’t have to go to downtown Asheville for those things.”

But, Russler says her errands are slowed by too many traffic lights.

“It does seem like I get stopped in traffic a lot with so many traffic lights. So, if less traffic lights is an option, that would be amazing.”DRIVER IN HENDERSONVILLE ROAD DWI CRASH SUCCUMBS TO INJURIESMeanwhile, Mary Daughtridge says more traffic lights are needed.”Often people get into the turn lane and you have cars facing each other, and, it just gets problematic,” she says.Jen Paul says her issue isn’t more or less lights, but rather the syncing of some of those traffic lights needs improvement.”That left turn to go up on Mills Gap would make a big difference I think, for people to be able to do that while the light is still green both ways,” Paul explains.It’s this type of public input workshop organizers say they need to hear. The French Broad MPO will hold six public workshops by zoom over the next three days.The meetings are at 10 a.m. and five p.m. each day.YOU CAN HAVE A SAY ABOUT THE FUTURE OF HENDERSONVILLE ROAD”So, folks can join, interact directly with our project team, and talk with them about their concerns, what they would like to see, and what they would not like to see,” says French Broad River MPO Director Tristan Winkler.”From sidewalks to additional bus capacity or frequency has been talked about, to doing access management for various stoplights,” adds French Broad MPO member Dr. John Ridout, when asked about things that will likely be discussed.”Throughout this process, we are coordinating with the NCDOT, so folks from division 13 are part of our overall project team,” says Winkler.He says hopefully the public input will lead to the French Broad MPO making a strong application for funding.You can get those zoom meeting details by clicking here.