Among Saturday’s attendees included Robin Scott King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., and L. Louise Lucas, the president pro tem of the Senate of Virginia. Lucas spoke to the crowd briefly before introducing, and offering her endorsement of, Cameron Webb, the Democratic candidate running to represent Virginia’s 5th Congressional District in November.

Webb told the crowd about his background — as a child of Central Virginia, a University of Virginia graduate and now as a practicing physician who also teaches and serves as the director of health policy and equity at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine — and implored the event’s attendees to take advantage of the free COVID-19 testing.

“There is one path through this pandemic, and that is science,” he said, while also stressing the importance of monitoring symptoms and being mindful of physical distancing.

A common theme among speakers was the urging of a vote for a platform that is inclusive and considerate, as opposed to closed off and disingenuous. Webb, who is running against Republican candidate Bob Good, echoed a similar sentiment.

“One person does not make all the change that we need in our Congress. That space is broken, and we know it,” Webb said. “But let’s send someone from the Fifth who’s going to fight for us.”