Netflix’s new show Emily in Paris will have everyone dreaming that they were also in Paris. Remember traveling? What a fun pastime that used to be… Anyway! The series stars Lily Collins as the titular Emily, an American girl who takes a job in Paris, France and has the time of her life exploring all that the city has to offer. Emily in Paris filmed on location in Paris, and nearly all of the places used in the show are real — from the cafés to the museums to the fancy châteaus.


If you need a little travel inspo for whenever we can do that again, or (more realistically) you just want to feel like you’re in Europe for 10, 30-minute episodes, Emily in Paris has got your back.

And because I also like to pretending I’m traveling and not spending every day in the same apartment, I rounded up all of the real locations that the characters visit so you can dream about visiting them… or use Google Maps to walk around in Emily’s neighborhood visiting her favorite bakery and her neighbor’s restaurant. I actually did this and it was more fun than you’d think to virtually step into Emily’s world and leave the trash fire that is the real world behind for just a moment. 


Warning: Mild spoilers for Emily in Paris season 1 are ahead.

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