There was drama at the breakfast table in an episode of Four in a Bed this weekend which led to one of the contestants being rushed for medical attention.

Filming on future episodes of the hit Channel 4 show has been severely thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic but that hasn’t stopped plenty of viewers lapping up newer episodes during the week and marathons of classic ones at the weekend.

And the third of the five from 2017 that aired on Saturday afternoon provided serious drama when contestant Connor Richardson of The Red Lion Coaching Inn in Lincolnshire, had to be urgently taken to the doctors after a shocking allergy oversight.

Connor, who appeared on Four in a Bed with mum Trish, is allergic to nuts but on the final day of his stay at rival hotel The Schiehallion in Scotland he was served a porridge made from muesli containing some.

A horrified Connor, who asked for his porridge “plain with water,” shouted “oh my god…oh my god,” while Trish, who revealed she’d forgotten to bring Connor’s EpiPen remarked: “It is actually very serious this guys. Connor has a nut allergy. Can somebody take him to the doctors?”

Schiehallion manager Julie was mortified and accepted that a “mistake was made in the kitchen,” before offering her apologies to Trish.

Connor was missing as Trish, who sadly passed away in 2018 after a short illness, gave her scores for the stay at The Schiehallion, awarding just a 4/10 for breakfast and telling the camera: “When you have allergies it can be life threatening,” while another contestant, also giving a poor 4 said: “The error was too significant.”

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A shaken up Connor was given the all clear and returned to filming for the final day of filming but the porridge issue was raised again in the final showdown, with him saying he’d have given a zero for breakfast, despite him and his mum paying The Schiehallion in full.

Julie herself said she wouldn’t have charged for the room had the porridge incident had happened to a normal guest..

In June another Four in a Bed episode caused a storm on social media with two hotel owners being branded the show’s “biggest cheats ever,” and the backlash against them prompting Trip Advisor to put a stop to people leaving feedback on the Tigh Na Leigh guest house after a barrage of negative comments,