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Guernsey States-owned airline Aurigny lost nearly £10m in 2019, while the loss in 2020 is unknown due to the collapse of travel in the pandemic.

The problem was also exacerbated by the

failure of Flybe in March.

A 2019 report concluded extending the airport runway could bring in £21m over 40 years.

However, that report could not anticipate the pandemic and its impact on air travel.

As part of our election coverage, the BBC offered all candidates a chance to comment on a key issue.

They were asked: What approach should the States take to the island’s connectivity and its airline?

Sasha Kazantseva-Miller said: “The new States should complete the review of Aurigny, air and sea links and the runway extension business case as soon as possible.

“This will give clearer direction about the role of Aurigny and priorities for action, albeit the travel landscape is uncertain for years to come due to Covid-19.”

Adrian Gabriel said: “Any investment should not be piecemeal or on one part of our infrastructure – our harbours need more investment than our runway.

“Condor could be nationalised.

“The Gatwick route should be monopolised and protected.

“Visit Guernsey could offer subsides to European and UK visitors with very low fares to help stimulate our tourism economy.”

Chris Nicolle said: “Business class seating – three/four rows, premium price to lower cost for economy class.

“During pandemic, establish air bridges with Covid negative island jurisdictions.

“Innovate – electric/hydrogen cell aircraft, ideal for island hopping/short haul. Technology is with us; we can work in conjunction with aerospace to our advantage.”

The Alliance Party responded: “Need a fundamental review of the sections of Aurigny.

“Need to look at private sector interest in running an inter-island shuttle between Guernsey, Alderney, Jersey as private sector interest exists.”

Jonathan Crossan said: “Aurigny is a lifeline.

“Core routes like Gatwick, Southampton and Alderney, must be supported as public service obligations, but the other routes could be separated and run commercially, perhaps as a national brand.

“But Condor too is in trouble and we must think how to protect our sea links.”

Garry Collins said: “The purchase of Aurigny was a wise decision.

“We should be working with other airlines on franchise agreements getting Guernsey on to their networks.

“Bring back the old days when speaking on connectivity with Jersey, almost like a taxi service to the other island and support the electric aviation proposals.”

Nick Moakes said: “To retain existing business and attract inward investment, Guernsey has to improve connectivity with the outside world.

“We need to install high speed broadband, invest in our main harbour and extend the airport runway.

“We also need to review Aurigny’s business model so that we can find ways to reduce the losses.”

Diane Mitchell said: “Essential for economic growth, financial stability, tourism and survival.

“Prioritise sea links, particularly as the boats we can dock are reducing in number.

“I’m in favour of reviewing the extension of Longue Hougue peninsula into deeper water to accommodate larger ships.

“Sustaining Aurigny is a wise move.”

The BBC also offered the opportunity to answer this question to Michael Beaumont, Adrian Dilcock, Darren Duquemin, Aidan Matthews, Rosie Henderson, as well as Jonathan Le Tocq and Sandra James from the Guernsey Partnership of Independents.

The other key issues we’ve spoken to candidates on include:

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