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  • My family of four is about 30 days and 3,000 miles into a road trip around the US.
  • We set out to see the country, without tapping into our savings, and so far we’ve been able to do that.
  • Big decisions, like renting our home, and small ones, like doing less laundry, have helped us save money.
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This morning, I woke up next to a mountain lake in Montana, about 3,200 miles from my home in New Hampshire. I had cell service, so I took advantage, completing some work while my girls, ages 2 and 6, played with kids from another family camping nearby. Although not all mornings are this smooth, today I was incredibly appreciative of the experience we’re having. 

About two months ago, my husband and I began toying with the idea of taking an extended road trip this fall. We had already decided that we’d likely be homeschooling our daughter, who is a first-grader. I can work remotely and my husband is a stay-at-home dad, so we had all the flexibility to do something outlandish, like taking off for who-know-how-long. 

As we debated whether or not to hit the road, our main concern was financial. We had built a good amount of savings for the first time, and didn’t want to blow it all on travel, especially with all the economic uncertainties right now. But as we began researching, we realized that we could, for the most part, pull off the trip without drastically altering our monthly spending.