This supplied photo shows the location Hoshino Resorts Co. plans to open a hotel property in the Mt. Tiantai area in China’s Zhejiang Province. (Photo courtesy of Hoshino Resorts/NNA/Kyodo)

TOKYO (NNA/Kyodo) — Hoshino Resorts Co. plans to open a hotel property in a major sightseeing area of China’s Zhejiang Province in the spring of 2021, the Japanese company said.

“Hoshino Resorts KASUKE Tiantai” in the Mt. Tiantai area of eastern Zhejiang Province will be Hoshino Resorts’ first resort in mainland China and the fourth outside Japan, according to a company statement released Tuesday. The others are on the Indonesian island of Bali, in Taichung in Taiwan and Oahu in Hawaii.

A Hoshino Resorts spokesman said the company, based in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, is also proceeding with other hotel projects in mainland China.

The new hotel will have 103 guest rooms, including suites of up to 260 square meters, as well as dining, pool, gym and spa facilities. Room rates will start at 2,888 yuan ($428) and the hotel plans to begin accepting bookings in December.

The scenic Mt. Tiantai area is a popular tourist destination attracting about 20 million visitors annually. The new hotel will be located in a major resort area, built under the “Lotus Town” regional development project, containing commercial facilities and ski resorts, the company said.

The Mt. Tiantai area has famous Buddhist and Taoist temples including Guoqing Temple, known as the site of the creation of the Tiantan school of Buddhism in the late sixth century. Japanese monk Saicho studied at the temple in the early ninth century.