Since Halloween is just around the corner, Katy Budget Books has some spooky book recommendations for readers of all ages.

After more than 30 years around the same Fry Road intersection, the bookstore moved to 870 S. Mason Road, Katy, in December 2019. This month is its 37th anniversary. It carries an extensive selection of new and used books, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles and other items that make great gifts.

“Spooky books are particularly great to read in the fall, maybe on the back porch, curled up with a soft blanket and a cup of tea or cocoa,” said manager Anna Brown. “It’s nice to have some safe distance from particularly creepy subjects, and literature provides that.”

While Brown only likes a little bit of fright, bookseller Karen is the store’s horror expert. Here are some of Karen’s favorites.

Ghost in the House

By Ammi-Joan Paquette. For ages 3 to 7. $9.99. ISBN: 9780763676223.

Plot: A cheerful monster and other ghoulish pals accompany a ghost as it travels through a haunted house before they encounter its spookiest creature.

Why Karen recommends it: “This is an adorable lift-the-flap storybook with ghosts and monsters that’s still perfectly appropriate for a toddler. Mine likes to recite the first parts to me.”

Bedtime for Monsters

By Ed Vere. For ages 3 to 5years. $14.99. ISBN: 9780805095098.

Plot: A hungry creature searches for a new type of bedtime snack.

Why Karen recommends it: “This one is so cute. The whole book you think the monster is coming to eat you, but it’s actually looking for a good-night kiss.”

13th Street series

By David Bowles. For ages 6 to 10. $5.99. ISBN: 9780062947796 (first book).

Plot: Three cousins take a summer visit to their Aunt Lucy’s. While heading to a water park, they end up on 13th Street, which does not exist in reality. Dangerous monsters abound in this different world. The reader wonders if they will be able to return to Aunt Lucy’s.

Why Karen recommends it: “It’s a great early chapter series for kids that are a little two young for ’Goosebumps.’ There are spooky stories, but everyone always ends up safe.”

Elizabeth Webster and the Court of Uncommon Pleas

By William Lashner. For ages 9 to 12. $7.99. ISBN: 9781368065207.

Plot: Henry Harrison approaches 12-year-old Elizabeth to drive out a spirit that has been calling her name. She evokes her estranged father and finds out he works as a lawyer for people who are damned.

Why Karen recommends it: “This is a really great, only mildly scary ghost story, that simultaneously introduces legal principles in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re being taught.”

The Bone Garden

By Heather Kassner. For ages 9 to 12. $7.99. ISBN: 9781250250537.

Plot: This illustrated fantasy novel tells the story of a girl who was created from dust and bones as she tries to find the magic that gave her life.