This last week has been a busy one for lots of parents as they packed up their teenage children and a car full of belongings to drop them off and set them up for their first year, or another year, of life at university. As hard and heartbreaking as that must be normally, I can only imagine it to be doubly so given the strange and worrying circumstances we’re currently living under.

hile I may not be moving anywhere, I was also in organisation mode for university this week, scooting about, buying folders and paper, multicoloured highlighters, biros and fluorescent file dividers, all in preparation for the start of my second year back as a (supposedly) mature, part-time psychology student. I even bought myself some lovely sturdy shelves to take the weight of the amount of books I have for my course.

And given the eye watering price of my textbooks, I wanted to make sure I can keep them safely out of the reach of my four-year-old and her habit of drawing stick figures on the pages. The first time I uncovered some of her doodles, I asked her why she had drawn in my books when she knew that was a naughty thing to do. She answered me by saying: “You were looked sad when you were studying for your exams mummy, so I thought I’d draw a picture of me on the pages to make you smile.” How can you stay cross after that answer?

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