The Patriots boarded busses from Gillette Stadium Friday afternoon for their first road trip of the 2020 season, first during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Lawrence Guy wearing a football uniform

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New England was set to take their team-owned AirKraft charter to Seattle for Sunday night’s matchup with the Seahawks.

According to team captain Lawrence Guy, there is plenty of confidence in the travel plans and itinerary, which basically will have the players and staff in a controlled environment for the entirety of the three-day trip.

“You know everybody is trying to keep us safe. Keeping us all in line, the hotel, how that’s all lined up. So going out there knowing they are doing the best they can to make sure our interactions with the outside is pretty limited and that everybody that’s inside is getting tested and that we’re pretty much in a safe zone, like a mini bubble,” Guy said during a Friday afternoon video conference with local reporters. “So, that concern that you have is not really there because you understand that the team and the league is doing the best they can to keep every single player healthy. That they are trying to keep you healthy and your family healthy as we travel and continue with this season.”

Despite the limitations put on the players – they will be confined to the hotel upon arrival – Guy says there is still some extra energy heading into the first road game of the year. Especially considering that the team has basically been confined to the same Gillette Stadium routine since late July.

“There is a lot of excitement. It’s the first road trip,” Guy said. “That’s the biggest excitement you have – the first road trip. You’re like, hey we’ll go out here, go to the hotel, see somebody else’s facility, play a different team in their home city. You don’t have that fan aspect but you still have the atmosphere that this is not your field it’s somebody else’s field. They’re building off what they have, familiar with their locker rooms and things like that. So that’s exciting. It has been Ground Hog Day every single day in and out doing the same thing. Doing testing. Coming in and going out. Getting a new environment around it’s pretty exciting. Competing in a different city is always amazing.”

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