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Just to get out of the house, Gayle and I took some short drives on my days off the past couple weeks. Here’s what we did on Thursday (10/8). We left and headed west to Grand Haven. The pic. above is me at Noto’s at the BilMar. This is where Storm Team 8 has a camera looking out over Lake Michigan. This is the first time I’ve been out here since Noto’s took over and we got a tour of the facilities and we had a nice lunch. We’re always trying to keep ourselves safe, so we timed our lunch around 2:30 pm when the restaurant was fairly empty and we could socially distance.

Bill on the Beach

The sky was a bright blue. The only clouds at midday were a few cumulus far to the distant east. It was windy near the lake. At the Muskegon Channel, the wind at noon was a steady 21 mph with a peak gust of 25 mph. The wind was north. You can see the wet sand in the picture from when the wind was more westerly and the waves had pushed farther up the beach. The biggest waves (approaching 4 feet) were on the other side of the breakwaters. I pretty much had the beach to myself.

Kite at Grand Haven 10/8/20

There were several kiteboarders that took advantage of the wind. I saw one of them shoot over a wave and up at least two stories off the water…a couple of them sailed (quickly) more than a half mile off shore. The water temperature was around 60and the air temperature was 59 on my car thermometer.

I walked out a little ways on the pier (it’s actually a breakwater since it stops the water. A pier (like you have in smaller lakes and in some ocean towns) allows water to flow underneath it. I walked out just a little bit past the start of the catwalk, but didn’t want to go any farther and risk a wave (or more likely the splash of a wave) getting me wet.

Loon at Grand Haven

We had fun watching a loon in the Grand Haven Channel. The loon dove underwater about five times and came up after about 30-40 seconds. On the sixth dive it came up with a small, wiggly fish and proceeded to gulp it down. On the next dive – another success! The loon came up with another small fish. Then it swam around, dodging several boats and flew back and forth down the channel.

Coast Guard boat in the Grand Haven Channel

Two Coast Guard boats came down the channel and went out into the lake. We waved and they waved back. The lake was choppy enough that we could see the boats bobbing up and down out in the lake. Here’s a link to read more about the Coast Guard in Grand Haven.

The wind and waves sculpted this “cliff” on the beach – looking a little like the Grand Canyon.

We took the scenic way home, going Mercury Dr. through the bayous. We stopped at Riverside Park. We saw several big fish jump out of the water briefly and there was one white swan. One last stop at Green Vale to pick up some cheese and a scoop of ice cream.