Prince William is air to the throne and often flies around the world in order to take part in royal appearances. Though this is often done by private jet or onboard the royal plane, he also has a very secretive way of slipping onto commercial planes without passengers even realising.

Over the years he has been recorded as having travelled with all manner of commercial airlines, filled with regular plane passengers.

One of the most surprising instances was in 2015 when he was spotted flying to Glasgow aboard a Ryanair flight.

The Prince was flying from Norfolk to Scotland as part of his training programme with East Anglian Air Ambulance.

A fellow flier snapped a photograph of the moment they snooped him out, explaining to the Sun that upon landing they “realised the Prince was onboard”.

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The couple also had their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte in tow.

Passengers reported being “stunned” as they saw the family depart the plane, flanked by staff, and head into black SUV’s.

It is thought that the decision was made as part of a push for the Royal Family to be more environmentally friendly.

Aviation Journalist Keith Wilson says this is because the younger generation of royals are “two of the most down to earth members of the Royal Family”.

The documentary also points out that the switch to commercial travel over exclusive jets and helicopters is most likely down to the younger generation of royals being “more media savvy” and “attuned to public opinion”.

Though the Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II, once took all journeys on the royal plane, things are changing as the world becomes more attuned to the environmental impact of aeroplanes.

Ms Andrews states that private flights will probably become less frequent in the future.

She concluded: “I think that for their public duties the younger royals will continue to travel commercially because it is more cost-effective.”

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