The 2020 LA Shorts International Film Festival will stream online beginning Oct 1 through Oct 31.

One of the short films selected at this year’s festival is Mical, which is shot by London-based Malaysian cinematographer Darius Shu.

LA Shorts is accredited by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, which means the short film qualifies for Oscar’s Short Film category.

According to Shu, Mical was also officially selected at the Manhattan Film Festival and Miami Short Film Festival.

He said via email: “We premiered the film on YouTube on Sept 16, and received rave reviews and responses from the public.

“I would like to share the film with my fellow Malaysians and raise awareness on dyslexia in Malaysia and South-East Asia.”

The film, directed by Yewweng Ho, is based on a true story about a seven-year-old boy, who’s diagnosed with dyslexia. Unfortunately, his teachers are unable to help him. So, his mother decides to do whatever she can to ensure her son doesn’t fall behind.

Shu wrote: “Mical aims to raise awareness for dyslexia and create a change in the education system for children struggling with dyslexia.

“It is an important story to be told and shared as one in five children suffer from dyslexia and they are not only being failed, they are being damaged (without proper help).

“People assume dyslexia is being addressed but in reality, it isn’t. By watching the film, people will understand the problem we are facing.”

Watch the short below.