Our primary navigation tools are designed to get us from point A to point B as fast as possible. However we can shave a few minutes off our trip, we’ll take it.

But the shortest distance between two points isn’t necessarily the most interesting, beautiful or safe, a fact that galvanized Sproute to create a new way of traveling. The app envisioned a world where people prioritize things besides speed and are able to enjoy the journey a bit more. Maybe you want to see local sights as you travel. The app would route accordingly. Or perhaps your commute has become a slog. Sproute could provide a new path each day.

It’s this radical reimagining of how we move through the world that made Sproute one of the winners of our 2020 Innovation by Design Awards. While the app started with three distinct options for travel (nighttime, sightseer, and commuter), it saw virtually limitless potential to expand, depending on what users wanted to experience as they traveled.

Sproute was created by Move Lab, a subdivision of German mobility company Your Now that focused on prototyping new ideas. In the past few months, the company said it had refocused its efforts and is no longer supporting lab experiments like Sproute.

Still, while this particular project has reached the end of its road, it’s a promising vision of how our tech tools can do more than just help us maximize efficiency; they can actually encourage us to enjoy the world around us.

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