Queer collective activists refuse City’s accommodation

By Chelsea Geach Time of article published17h ago

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MEMBERS of the We See You Collective have opted to sleeping on a different friend’s couch every couple of nights, than move to the accommodation they were offered by the City of Cape Town.

The group vacated the property on Thursday as instructed by the high court and do not have to pay costs for

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Black activists make legal history in Steve McQueen’s astounding drama

As you’d expect from a film dedicated to George Floyd, Steve McQueen’s latest, which opens the London Film Festival, contains many weighty and sombre moments. That said, the true story of how a group of Black activists made legal history, in the early Seventies, is also giddy and gleeful. To borrow a line from one of the main characters, some of the jokes here “could make a stuffed bird laugh”.

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Steve McQueen’s British Courtroom Drama Does Justice to a Landmark Case Against Black Activists

Ask yourself: What do the words “Black Power” signify to you? That’s the question several of the Mangrove Nine put to each of the potential jurors in what would prove to be a landmark civil rights trial — one in which nine Black activists were arrested on serious charges after a public demonstration against London police harassment on Aug. 9, 1970, devolved into an incendiary example of the very thing

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