Amtrak rider-in-chief Biden embarks on Rust Belt train tour

LATROBE, Pa. (AP) — If America had an Amtrak rider-in-chief, Joe Biden would be it.

The former vice president, who estimates he’s logged more than 2.1 million miles riding the rails in his lifetime, added seven more hours to that total Wednesday as his campaign chartered a nine-car private train to tour parts of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania — key areas to pick up votes if he wants to

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Aid program expired, airlines and Amtrak prepare cuts

RENSSELAER — Airlines and Amtrak are preparing for deep cutbacks in capacity and staffing as federal programs to support continuing operations expire.

At Amtrak, as many as 2,050 jobs are to be eliminated. U.S. airlines, meanwhile, plan to cut as many as 35,000 positions.

What has this meant for the traveler? At Albany International Airport, the average number of daily flights fell from nearly 45 in January to just 21.4

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