Home and heritage: Asian American family adjusts to new challenges

After finishing her own curriculum of five Advanced Placement courses (maintaining a 4.0 GPA), playing tennis, participating in mock trial, youth commission or debate practices, Rita still finds time for her family. Though her role in the family isn’t that of a typical high school junior.

Rita lives at home with her mom, Chen Wang; dad, Haiming Dai; and 11-year-old brother, Joseph Dai. Though for the past year, they’ve had

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‘Flights to nowhere’: Amid coronavirus travel restrictions, Asian airlines offer scenic flights that take off, land at same airport – travel

Qantas Airways Ltd said a seven-hour scenic flight over Australia’s Outback and Great Barrier Reef had sold out in 10 minutes, as it joined a growing trend in Asia offering “flights to nowhere” that take off and land at the same airport. Tough border restrictions to keep the coronavirus under control have led to a 97.5% plunge in international travel in the region, according to the Association of Asia Pacific

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