Congress needs to be ‘aggressive’ with economic assistance to boost recovery, Fed’s Kashkari says

Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari is urging Congress to be “aggressive” with economic assistance in order to boost the United States’ recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m seeing, especially on the small business front, I mean, some sectors of the economy are doing fine. If you are a white-collar worker like I am … you’re able to work from

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Jim Hightower: Bringing a Rich, Aloof, Race-Baiting Congress Critter Down to Earth | Columnists

If you’re a rich, corporate-serving Trump Republican who’s been in the U.S. House so long and done so little that you’re essentially seen as a piece of congressional furniture, what do you do to save yourself when faced back home with a popular, well-organized, grassroots opponent who’s about to overtake you?

Of course, do what President Trump does: Unleash your inner racist to assail your challenger as a demonic civil-liberties

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Bringing rich, aloof Congress critter down to earth | Opinion

Some people who get elected to Congress grow in office; others just bloat. Rep. Michael McCaul is a bloater.

A self-absorbed, right-wing Trumpeteer, this Texas lawmaker is about the richest guy in the U.S. House, wallowing in some estimated $113 million in personal wealth. McCaul made his money the old-fashioned way: He married it. His wife inherited a fortune, so — with no need to work for a living —

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HIGHTOWER: Bringing a Congress critter down to Earth | Opinion

Some people who get elected to Congress grow in office; others just bloat. Rep. Michael McCaul is a bloater.

A self-absorbed, right-wing Trumpeteer, this Texas lawmaker is about the richest guy in the U.S. House, wallowing in some estimated $113 million in personal wealth. McCaul made his money the old-fashioned way: He married it. His wife inherited a fortune, so – with no need to work for a living –

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Airline workers are essential. Will Congress keep them flying?

It is often said in aviation circles that an airline is made up of people’s lives. This has been on my mind through these difficult months, as airlines and policymakers have fought to protect the livelihoods of airline workers and preserve the connections they make for travelers. 

Recently, airline cabins and social media have resonated with further evidence of this simple truth, as workers issued tearful farewells, affirming their

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AG Tong Urges Congress To Adopt Protections For Airline Customers

Press release from the office of the Attorney General of Connecticut:

Oct. 7, 2020

Attorney General William Tong and a bipartisan coalition of 40 attorneys general, led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, yesterday sent a letter urging Congress to enact new consumer protection measures for airline industry customers as part of or in connection with any further financial relief package provided to the

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Trump urges Congress to provide $25 billion bailout for U.S. airlines

WASHINGTON/CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said late on Tuesday Congress should quickly extend $25 billion in new payroll assistance to U.S. passenger airlines furloughing thousands of workers as air travel remains down sharply amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s new demand came hours after he announced his administration would abandon talks with congressional Democrats over proposals to spend at least $1.6 trillion in additional

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Travel Coalition, Executives Call on Congress to Take Action

This week, a coalition of almost 200 travel, hotel, franchise, and state and local government groups called for Congress to not go on recess without providing relief for sectors devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, a group of 17 CEOS of the largest U.S. travel companies sent a statement to leaders in Washington, pleading to advance a subsequent round of legislative relief from the economic fallout of the

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Hotels look to Congress amid job losses

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nearly 40% of hotel workers in Florida have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic, and industry lobbyists warn that could reach 70% this winter without further assistance from Congress.

State and national hotel industry representatives said in a conference call Tuesday that a second round of federal assistance is needed, even if it’s just freeing up unused money from what are known as the Paycheck

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COVID-19 travel industry layoffs start as Congress fails to act


Many U.S. airlines are overstaffed due to reduced flying schedules and low demand for air travel amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Airlines, hotels and other travel-related businesses are trying desperately to urge Congress to act on a new relief plan in the wake of mass layoffs. 

The day the airline industry didn’t want to see coming arrived Thursday, when 32,000 American Airlines and United Airlines employees face furloughs

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Travel CEOs plead to Congress for relief as airlines furlough tens of thousands

The CEOs of 17 of the largest U.S. travel companies on Thursday urged Washington to provide aid as the airline industries furloughed tens of thousands of workers.

“In the strongest possible terms, we urge Congress and the administration to reach agreement before the election on a relief package that will give travel employers—and the millions of livelihoods they support—a fighting chance to survive,” the CEOs stated.

The travel industry accounts

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Congress makes final play for coronavirus aid package

With Rachel Roubein, Carmen Paun and Susannah Luthi

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— House Democrats are giving themselves one

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United, American Airlines to furlough thousands after Congress fails to agree on pandemic relief package – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – American Airlines and United Airlines said they will begin furloughIing 32,000 employees on Thursday. Both of these airlines fly in and out of Indianapolis.

This news comes after lawmakers failed to agree on another pandemic relief package.

The coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, better known as the “Cares Act,” gave airlines $25 billion earlier this year to hold off on job cuts through September.


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Jim Cramer: Airlines Will Be Protected by Congress and the President

United and its pilots reached an agreement that canceled over 2,800 furloughs scheduled for this week, per the pilots union.

The Air Line Pilots Association said it voted to approve the Pandemic Recovery Letter of Agreement with United Airlines management. The accord prevents any United pilot from being furloughed at least until June.

The agreement keeps all 13,000 United pilots employed.

The deal also offers a second round of early-separation

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To prevent mass airline industry layoffs, Congress must extend the Payroll Support Program

I have been a flight attendant for 38 years, over half of my entire life. I have seen the aviation industry evolve before my eyes and my career has been shaped by its highs and lows. Today I serve as APFA National President and represent the 27,000 Flight Attendants of American Airlines. Never in my career could I, or anyone, have imagined we would be where we are today.


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Thousands of us could lose our jobs this week if Congress doesn’t step up

As an American Airlines pilot, I’ve seen up close Covid-19’s destructive impact on our company and industry. A quick glance around any large US airport tells the story, with largely empty terminals and dozens of parked aircraft. For those of us still flying, our hours, and thus paychecks, have been reduced. Many of my colleagues chose to minimize their risk of exposure through voluntary leaves of absence or early retirement,

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40,000 airline workers facing layoffs on Thursday unless Congress comes up with aid

The worries are growing for United Airlines flight attendant Jordy Comeaux.

In a few days, he’ll be among roughly 40,000 airline workers whose jobs are likely to evaporate in an industry decimated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Unless Congress acts to help for a second time, United will furlough Comeaux on Thursday, cutting off his income and health insurance. Unemployment and the money made by his husband, a home health nurse,

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Hotels, facing ‘deep economic crater,’ press Congress for relief

The hotel industry today sent an impassioned plea to Congress to act immediately in granting more financial relief to its sector, lest the thousands of jobs lost and hundreds of hotels closed since the pandemic began continue to grow exponentially.


Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), said during a Zoom call this afternoon that the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) had been

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Struggling Airline Industry Braces for Looming Oct. 1 Furloughs as Congress Drags Feet on Aid

The airline industry is bracing for imminent job cuts as air carriers and their unions plead with Congress to extend coronavirus-related aid before Thursday – a prospect that looks dimmer by the day.

Unless Congress acts, more than 35,000 flight attendants, pilots and on-the-ground airline workers will be furloughed or laid off on Oct. 1, when the clock runs out on prohibitions barring carriers from reducing their workforces.


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Hotels Beg Congress For Help To Avoid Foreclosure And The Loss Of Millions Of Hospitality Jobs

Though their high-flying – and typically higher paid – colleagues working in the U.S. airline industry are getting lots of attention because the pending

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