Travelling crime gangs ‘targeting’ communities in rural Limerick

THE head of the Limerick garda division has expressed concern about a recent increase in burglaries in rural parts of County Limerick.

While there was a reduction in the number of burglaries across Limerick during the height of the Covid restrictions, Chief Superintendent Gerard Roche told members of the Limerick Joint Policing Committee there have been several incidents in recent weeks.

“There has been an increase, in the last number

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Crime Syndicate Targeted Luxury Car Owners

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This wasn’t just a simple case of car theft.

According to a recent report, a crime syndicate targeted the owners of luxury vehicles in Malaysia with a creative scam. And while this happened in another atmosphere, we’ve seen somewhat similar crimes in North America. Besides, these sorts of schemes tend to travel the globe, so nowhere is entirely safe.

Law enforcement says the

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FDLE solicits tips after cold case heats up | Crime & Courts

New leads in one of the oldest unsolved homicide investigations that spanned into local jurisdictions have state and county authorities wanting more information.

Detectives have been trying to solve the murder of 24-year-old Californian James Norris for 46 years, making it the one of the lengthiest cold cases for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

James Norris

This is the last known photograph of James Norris, who flew to Florida from

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