How Carl Stokes election shaped Cleveland political history

The 1967 story of Clevelander Carl Stokes marked a turning point in black political power.

CLEVELAND — Cleveland has played a pivotal role on the political stage over the years. But the city’s mayoral race in 1967 made waves around the world. That’s when Carl Stokes made history as the first black mayor of a major American city, his victory marking a major turning point in American politics.

It was

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Trump, Biden trips illustrate Electoral College calculations; Barrett refuses recusal in election cases | National News

The latest headlines and other things you should know today from the 2020 election.

There are 21 days until Election Day. Here’s today’s latest.

Trump, Biden trips illustrate Electoral College calculations

With Election Day just three weeks away, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden concentrated Tuesday on battleground states both see as critical to clinching an Electoral College victory, tailoring their travel to best motivate voters who could

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Hotels are becoming voting centers for the 2020 election

In an election year of pandemic-induced social distancing coupled with projected record-breaking voter turnout, cities are turning to their sprawling hotels to provide space for voters to exercise their civic duty.

When the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood was recently tapped to transform itself into an official Los Angeles early-voting center this month, its staff jumped at the idea.

“Of course the answer was yes,” Kimpton General Manager

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The Presidential Election Is Also Tanking the Travel Industry

(Bloomberg) — Ten years ago, Dan Sherman could have told you that tourism was going to take a big dip in 2020. But Sherman isn’t an epidemiologist with a crystal ball. He’s a travel industry veteran who’s been watching booking trends for long enough to know that economic downturns happen in predictable, four-year cycles. The fiscal uncertainty surrounding presidential elections, it turns out, can knock sales down by more than

Read More will help you literally live under a rock on election day


Some lucky people will be able to escape the politics of election day next month with a stay in a manmade cave built 50 feet below ground.

The political climate is so combative lately, it’s easy to understand wanting to live under a rock at least until the presidential election is over. One travel site promotion is allowing some lucky traveler to do just that. is offering

Read More is giving voters experiencing election stress disorder the chance to ‘live under a rock’ during election week for $5 per night is not only giving voters the chance to take a vacation but live completely under a rock — literally.

This 3.5-star bed and breakfast in Farmington, New Mexico, is a man-made cave built 50 feet below ground. The company is offering a five-night stay from November 2-7. And it’s just $5 per night, calling it the Abraham Lincoln-inspired “presidential rate.”

The hotel room comes with a kitchen, TV and

Read More Offers Travelers a Chance to Literally Live Under a Rock Until After the Election

No matter your particular affinity for either political party, supporters of both sides of the aisle would probably be willing to unplug and hide during the lead-up to the 2020 U.S. election—that is, after you’ve cast your absentee ballot.

Now, in a bit of experiential marketing that accurately gauges the nation’s mood after a tumultuous year, is offering travelers a chance to literally hide out under a rock from

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Photo credit:
Photo credit:

From House Beautiful

Election news making you feel some type of way? Same. Between the 24-hour news cycle and flurry of one-sided social media posts, it’s a stressful time to have an opinion, let alone Internet access.

Couples therapist Steven Stosny coined the term “election stress disorder” after the 2016 election, as he wrote in the Washington Post: “For many people, continual alerts from news sources,

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Trump Ends Covid-19 Relief Package Discussions Until After Election, But Pushes for Airline Funds

President Donald Trump in a series of tweets Tuesday rejected the possibility of a Covid-19 relief package and instructed his administration to stop negotiating an aid deal until after Election Day, seemingly denying U.S. airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers any prospect of direct federal funding for at least another month and raising the possibility of tens of thousands of industry furloughs and other job losses.

Trump in the series

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This Election Season, Live Under a Rock (Literally!) With

DALLAS, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The 2020 news cycle has generated enough negative headlines for 1,000 years. And with the upcoming election season…it’s likely going to get much worse. As it is, nearly two-thirds of Americans* are worn out by the sheer volume of news they’re inundated with daily.

For those of you experiencing any and all forms of election stress disorder (it’s a real thing!),

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Who wins the presidential election if the same 2016 mistakes are made

  • While Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was heavily favored to win the presidential election in 2016, election results surprised many pollsters when now-President Donald Trump emerged victorious.
  • Numerous circumstances led to erroneous state polling in 2016, including undervaluing non-college educated voters and vast amounts of undecided voters.
  • A report from the New York Times examines what the outcome of the electoral college will be this November if state polling proves to
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Election 2020: Connecticut Voters Guide

Connecticut, like the nation, is deeply divided between President Donald Trump’s skepticism of established institutions and his “America first” strategy, and former Vice President Joe Biden’s philosophy of global outreach and community investment. The battleground is the so-called working class – Trump’s stronghold, Biden’s background. But the state’s seven electoral votes are nearly certain to go to Biden.

Donald Trump

President Trump’s reelection campaign rests on a strong pre-virus

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The Best Political Podcasts to Help You Navigate This, Um, Chaotic Election Season

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Cosmopolitan

Hey, hi, hello, quick reminder: One of, if not *the* most important presidential elections in United States history is just around the corner. With the coronavirus claiming the lives of over 200,000 Americans, the police continuing to commit deadly acts of racial injustice, and wild fires decimating millions of acres across the west coast, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the future of our

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Election 2020: Travel connectivity and Aurigny



Guernsey States-owned airline Aurigny lost nearly £10m in 2019, while the loss in 2020 is unknown due to the collapse of travel in the pandemic.

The problem was also exacerbated by the failure of Flybe in March.

A 2019 report concluded extending the airport runway could bring in £21m over 40 years.

However, that report could not anticipate the pandemic and its impact on air travel.

As part

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Guernsey Election 2020: Travel connectivity and Aurigny

BBC Guernsey Election 2020 logo

Guernsey States-owned airline Aurigny lost nearly £10m in 2019, while the loss in 2020 is unknown due to the collapse of travel in the pandemic.

The problem was also exacerbated by the

failure of Flybe in March.

A 2019 report concluded extending the airport runway could bring in £21m over 40 years.

However, that report could not anticipate the pandemic and its impact on

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Boosting B.C. Parks budget deserves more thought this election, outdoor enthusiasts say

Increasing funding for B.C. Parks should be a priority for political leaders this election after a busy summer exposed the consequences of years of neglect, some outdoor advocates say.


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British Columbians flocked to local parks partly due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. An influx of campers crashed the B.C. Parks website, its new day pass system left some hikers scrambling and trails were damaged from overuse. 

Barry Janyk, executive

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ELECTION 2020: Congressional candidate Cameron Webb visits Danville for NAACP event | Govt. and Politics

Among Saturday’s attendees included Robin Scott King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., and L. Louise Lucas, the president pro tem of the Senate of Virginia. Lucas spoke to the crowd briefly before introducing, and offering her endorsement of, Cameron Webb, the Democratic candidate running to represent Virginia’s 5th Congressional District in November.

Webb told the crowd about his background — as a child of Central

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How Hotels Are Helping Get Out The Vote In The 2020 Election

When you think of hotels, you probably imagine snuggling into a freshly made bed piled high with pillows, indulging in room service and letting your worries melt away. But securing the future of our democracy? Yep, you can now add that to the list, too. 

Hotels around the country are empowering guests take action this election through creative programs

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Myanmar Extends Travel Ban to Quell Virus Surge Ahead of Election

(Bloomberg) — Myanmar extended a ban on foreign visitors and domestic travel by a month to contain a record surge in coronavirus infections just weeks before the nation holds a general election.

The temporary suspension of international flights and foreign travelers will last through Oct. 31, Myanmar’s Central Committee on Covid-19 Control led by Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi said Thursday. The ban, first imposed from March end, was

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Fired Facebook employee said firm failed to stop election interference

  • A recently fired Facebook data scientist wrote a lengthy memo detailing the tech giant’s failures to stop election interference in countries around the world, per a BuzzFeed report.
  • The employee, whose job was to find “inauthentic activity,” wrote that the company was slow to take action against fake accounts used to manipulate political outcomes in nations including India, Ukraine, and Bolivia.
  • Sophie Zhang wrote that Facebook instead prioritized its public
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