Belstaff Outfits Ewan McGregor And Charley Boorman In Long Way Up Adventure


Since 1924, Belstaff has been outfitting frontiersman – from motorcycle legends and sporting icons to movie stars and revolutionaries. Today, the luxury english outerwear brand has launched a fresh collection celebrating an almost twenty-year partnership with the Long Way. If you do not remember, allow me to remind you. Beginning in 2004 Belstaff provided clothing to Scottish actor

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Apple TV+ review: Ewan McGregor goes electric in engaging ‘Long Way Up’

Ewan McGregor and his TV host friend, Charley Boorman, take another of their famously very extended motorcycle trips, this time in Apple TV+’s first travel show.

Long Way Up is Apple TV+’s first stab at an Anthony Bourdain-style adventure travel show, and they’ve certainly gone big with it. The show features actor Ewan McGregor and his friend, Charley Boorman, going on a three-month, 13,000-mile motorcycle trip. Filmed in the

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Ewan McGregor revels in the adventure of ‘Long Way Up’

Ewan McGregor has a ride-or-die partner. His name is Charley Boorman, and the two aren’t content with the idea of a simple dude weekend away from their regular lives.

McGregor and Boorman spent a hunk of last year traveling 13,000 miles on rocky and impassable roads, in searing daylight or at night in a blizzard around Central and South America on electric Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

What could go wrong?

“Battery failure,

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