Fascinating photo book documents Pyongyang’s frozen-in-time accommodation options

Poolside bars, revolving restaurants, marbled lobbies and huge indoor swimming pools. These are standard features in posh Western hotels – and, it turns out, in North Korean hotels, too, as a fascinating new book reveals.

Hotels of Pyongyang, by author James Scullin and photographer Nicole Reed, takes readers inside the frozen-in-time, yet surprisingly glamorous, hotels of the hermit country’s capital city.

Extraordinary photos in the tome show how its hotels

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Look inside North Korea’s frozen-in-time hotels: photos

James Scullin had worked as a North Korea tour guide for Westerners since 2012, but only ever saw the inside of two hotels. Determined to visit and photograph all 11 of them, he recruited photographer Nicole Reed to join him in 2018. The pair spent 12 months mapping out logistics.

Group Shot - Hotels of Pyongyang, North Korea

James Scullin (center left) and Nicole Reed (center right) pictured with their state-sanctioned Korea International Travel Company guides.

Nicole Reed

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