Chickens on a plane: Yom Kippur ritual performed by air for Jews in locked-down Melbourne – Jewish Lifestyle

A Melbourne, Australia, pilot took to the skies with three chickens Sunday to carry out a pre-Yom Kippur ritual that was otherwise off limits for that city’s locked-down Jews.

Kapparot, practiced by some Orthodox Jews, involves swinging a live chicken over one’s head three times and reciting a prayer to transfer sins to the bird. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor.

This year, with large gatherings

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Thousands of Jews from around the world expected to seek Austrian citizenship

JTA — Caroline Wellbery’s father, the late German literary scholar Egon Schwarz, fled Austria with his family after the Nazis annexed the country in 1938, when he was 15. Schwarz ended up studying in the United States and then teaching at Harvard and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

His escape was “a deeply life-changing event for him, and it permeated our household for the entirety of our lives,” said

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