A borderline pandemic changes life for residents of Blaine

The stores are closed. Gas stations running on empty, without a customer in sight. 

a person standing in a room

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“Oh, it’s quiet around here,” local business owner Brant Baron said.

This once-booming border town now sits along a dead-end road.

Blaine City Manager Michael Jones said, “The pandemic has changed the city in a lot of ways.”

When Covid almost completely closed the crossing between the US and Canada,

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Pixar’s Meditation On Life, Death, And Jazz Is Its Most Ambitious Film In Years

The chief purpose of this realm, which is known as The Great Before, is to prepare fresh souls for life on Earth by developing their personalities (the little sorting offices that assign them character traits evoke the personality islands from Inside Out). We’re never sure how seriously the film endorses this nature-over-nurture vision of human development, but the premise does set up a few middling jokes about personality types

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Sydney’s endangered seahorse population is finding new life in ‘seahorse hotels’

Sydney’s reputation for stunning beaches precedes it. But we can’t forget that the briny deep surrounding our Emerald City is not only for the enjoyment of humans, but is home to aquatic species like the endangered White’s Seahorse, or Sydney Seahorse.

The future has been uncertain since these delicate little slow swimmers (we’re not being rude, they really are known to be one of the slowest critters in the ocean)

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Live the suite life in one of LIV Sotheby’s hotel properties

Over the last few months, there has been plenty of press coverage about the residential real estate market. Homebuyers have been spoiled with abundant market updates and details about some of the most incredible homes available. But for those consumers who have already found their dream homes, the real estate market holds other opportunities outside of buying and selling houses.

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty (LIV SIR) has several hotel properties

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Review: ‘Janis’ details brief, wild life of rock’s most extraordinary voice

“Janis: Her Life and Music,” by Holly George-Warren. Photo: Simon & Schuster

Janis Joplin is a name synonymous with both brilliance and tragedy.

Remembered today for her seemingly supernatural voice, her legacy has also sadly been defined by her untimely death 50 years ago this month, at the age of 27. In truth, Joplin’s time as a major artist lasted little more than four years — a period during which

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Float on: Adventure awaits during all-women’s whitewater rafting trip – Entertainment & Life – Austin 360

For an instant, just before my inflatable kayak launches into space, on its way to smashing headfirst into what looks to me like a giant saucepan of boiling water, I wonder if this was such a good idea.

Maybe, a voice inside my head silently screams, I should have stayed on the raft, where an actual guide would now be steering me through this churning cauldron.

But here I am,

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13 life hacks that will save you time, from remembering to give lai see to travel tips – YP

Life can sometimes all feel like a lot of hard work. But by learning some simple tricks, or “hacks”, for dealing with common problems, you can focus less energy on solving those things, and get on with what’s important. Here are 13 of our favourites.

1 If you’ve got a super early morning, put your clothes out the night before, so you don’t have to rummage through your wardrobe when

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With no cross-country travel, and no distractions, life in bubble during NBA Finals not so bad

The rules that keep players on the Disney campus — inside the so-called bubble, as most say — and very few opportunities for anything to take the focus off basketball are, in Green’s mind, beneficial. So, too, is the lack of travel, which in the case of this series between the Lakers and Miami Heat would have meant five-hour cross-country flights.

“It’s a little easier to be locked in and

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Airbnb Is Bringing Our Childhood Memories to Life With Barbie, Blockbuster, and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’

Airbnb seemingly has it all. If you want a Dolly Parton-themed pad for a Nashville bachelorette party or just a bed and pillow to crash as you work your way around the world, chances are you can find some version of what you’re looking for in the home-sharing site’s arsenal of over 7 million listings. 

For many travelers, the first step in planning a trip is heading to the company’s

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Grounded by Covid, Road Warriors Ponder Life Without Travel

For almost 17 years, Atlanta health-care technology sales executive Eric Goldmann has spent nearly every week on the road working.

Like many Americans, the 42-year-old took his last flight in mid-March. He’s still adjusting to life on the ground. In the era of virtual meetings, more clients cancel on him with little notice, something that rarely happened when he traveled to see them. On Zoom, he finds it harder to … Read More

Reimagining a beer festival | Life

As you are aware by now, COVID-19 has impacted everything. Craft breweries have had to reorganize and regroup their entire business models. At the start of the summer, the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild canceled Beer Under Glass (BUG), the annual premier craft beer festival in Chicago. And as fall has approached, the ICBG has also had to reimagine what the Mountain Top Brew Fest will look like this year. The

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A travel nurse’s life: Rewards and risks during the pandemic

(CNN) — Two years into travel nursing, Sierra Levin had no plans to settle down. Working around three months at a time at hospitals in California, Massachusetts and Texas — and taking time off in between to explore France, Australia and New Zealand — the 26-year-old was enjoying the adventure too much to stop.
Ryan Cogdill knows the feeling. “It’s an addiction for me, the freedom I have,” says Cogdill,
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Road trip to Hood River via the scenic route | Life in Ludlow

Ned Luce

Yes, my friends, the odor created by refinishing some wood floors will drive you out of your own home for awhile. 

We decided to take a road trip to Hood River correctly thinking that was far enough. Michael Morrow, described by my friend Mike Kenna as the “grandfather of wood floors” in Jefferson County, arrived about 9 a.m. Monday and we were gone by 10. 


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New Stand-Up Specials Give a Snapshot of Life Just Before the Pandemic

Remember March? It seems like a long time ago, but in this endless year, there was a disorienting two weeks right before the lockdown when we all knew about the virus, but we were still coming to grips with its urgency and with how radically life was about to change.

On the first day of that month, the comic Michelle Buteau filmed a stand-up special that showed no trace of

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Wigtown Book Festival review: “Sometimes it takes a plague year to appreciate the good things in life”

This year’s Wigtown Book Festival has taken audiences to some very dark places, but it has also been a celebration of life’s beauty and goodness, writes David Robinson

Monday, 28th September 2020, 12:12 pm

I don’t know about you, but I’m a complete stranger to the Hindu goddess Durga. She first came into being, Neil MacGregor told the Wigtown Book Festival on Saturday, because the male gods

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NatureTrack Film Festival Focuses on Water as Life | Arts & Entertainment

September 24, 2020
| 9:21 a.m.

The analogy that water is life fits the NatureTrack Film Festival as it’s revving back up and filled with films about water in the third annual edition of the NatureTrack Film Festival (NTFF). 

Beginning virtually at midnight Friday, Oct. 9 until Sunday, Oct. 18, the 18th the NTFF live-action and animation films about water, include people’s relationship to it; the creatures that call it

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The Anchorage Museum is back, with a monthslong virtual and outdoor festival about life in the north

What is normally a five-day annual festival has turned into a multi-discipline, monthslong event examining transitions and uncertainties of life in the north against the backdrop of pandemic.

Anchorage Museum has hosted North x North, a festival that explores northern culture and innovation, each year since 2017. In April, the festival was canceled due to the pandemic, and the museum temporarily shut its doors to the public, closing for three

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The Real Life of Adventure Travel TV Host Eric Hanson

What is one crucial piece of gear for adventure travel? Is a dream job overrated? How does the outdoor industry include more people of color? To get the answers to all this and more, we reached out to ‘Epic Trails’ and BackpackingTV host Eric Hanson.

“Epic Trails” presents an emotional and thought-provoking TV series that follows host Eric Hanson around the world as he explores the people, places, and adventures

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Nantucket’s Life House gives a former B&B a fresh start

A new boutique hotel on Nantucket. We were expecting nautical blues and whites. Seashells, whales, ropes, and boats. Crisp, sunlit rooms, a pocket garden terrace, perhaps. We weren’t even close. The just-opened Life House on Nantucket is a totally different animal.

It’s housed in the historic Century House, a former bed and breakfast, and the oldest continually operating inn on Nantucket. The 1833 Federal-style mansion was the home of sea

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Philippines’ Army of Migrant Workers Retrains for Life Back Home

(Bloomberg) — The Philippine government is trying to retrain hundreds of thousands of Filipino workers who are returning jobless from overseas as the pandemic batters economies around the globe.

Already struggling with unemployment that spiked to record levels when the pandemic hit, the Southeast Asian nation is bracing for nearly 300,000 overseas Filipino workers — like caretakers, maids and seamen — to return home this year. The government is offering

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