FILM REVIEW: Ultraviolence – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer: Tariq Mehmood

Director: Ken Fero

Deaths by police action inflamed our summer, sparking the #BlackLivesMatter protests but while the most famous cases have happened in America, Ken Fero’s new film, Ultraviolence highlights the story of several UK families whose relatives have died in police custody after excessive force was used and their subsequent quest for prosecution. Unsparing in its anatomy of failures of the justice system, Fero’s film is

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FILM REVIEW: The Salt In Our Waters (Nonajoler Kabbo) – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer and Director: Rezwan Shahriar Sumit

 In this film from Bangladesh, artist Rudro travels to a remote fishing village to work on his sculptures. But soon his city ways come into conflict with the village’s traditions, and when the expected shoals of fish fail to appear, the villagers accuse Rudro of offending Allah. What follows is a surprisingly one-sided battle between present day knowledge and parochial superstition.

The sculptures that

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Flights between London and New York ‘could restart by Christmas’

In a normal year, 5 million tourists visit the USA from the UK and 4.5 million go the other way. Travel between the two countries has been all but impossible since March. But now the British and American governments are said to be in talks to introduce a ‘transatlantic air bridge’ connecting London and New York – meaning that your dream city break (or that all-important family reunion) could be

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FILM REVIEW: One Night in Miami – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer: Kemp Powers

Directors: Regina King

This year’s London Film Festival has been particularly strong for debut movies and Regina King’s One Night in Miami is one of the best. With a screenplay by Kemp Powers based on his own play of the same name, this is a firecracker of a drama as three of the biggest sports and entertainment stars and the preacher Malcolm X debate black identity, activism

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FILM REVIEW:The Reason I Jump – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Director: Jerry Rothwell

With the inclusion of the LFF Expanded series designed to create immersive visual and audio experiences, the digital programme of this year’s London Film Festival is one of the most inventive in years. Jerry Rothwell’s new documentary, in the main feature section, is based on Naoki Higashida’s book The Reason I Jump using film techniques to explore the experience of autism.

Written by Higashida when he was

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Your guide to travel in London this Christmas

CHRISTMAS time traditionally means mistletoe and wine but also disruptions to public transport services.

Take a look at how to get around London with our festive travel guide.

Christmas Eve

  • A Saturday service will operate on the Tube and London Buses network with some exceptions.
  • The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) will start at 5.30am but the last trains will be at Sunday timetable times at 11.30pm.
  • A weekday service will
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FILM REVIEW: Wolfwalkers – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer: Will Collins

Directors: Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart

Cromwell’s Ireland was a dangerous place, filled with occupying soldiers, military rule and brutal massacres to subdue the population – not an obvious setting for a family-friendly cartoon. But Will Collins’ Wolfwalkers. directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, is a charming tale of childhood frolic, adventure, and the essential role of the landscape in Irish identity.

Robyn and her

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US authorities exploring use of testing to ease air travel restrictions between NYC and London

By Geneva Sands, CNN

(CNN) — After months of stringent international travel restrictions, efforts are underway to open travel between London and New York City, according to sources familiar with the plans.

There is ongoing planning for a pilot program that would use a combination of testing and quarantines to help get international air traffic moving again, according to one of the sources familiar with the plans. The NYC-London route

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FILM REVIEW: Supernova – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer and Director: Harry Macqueen

One way to achieve intimacy on screen is to cast actors who have known each other a long time, director Harry Macqueen explains, because it gives them a solid character foundation to build on. Friends for 20-years, the intimacy between Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth is essential to the understated and fragile tenderness at the heart of Supernova, one of a handful of films

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FILM REVIEW: Wildfire – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer and Director: Cathy Brady

The Irish entries into the London Film Festival are always some of the most exciting in the programme and this year is no different with the excellent animation Wolfwalkers and resonant drama Herself providing female-led stories that have opened to much acclaim. But make some time for Cathy Brady’s powerful Wildfire about sisters confronting the effect and stigma of family tragedy.

Returning to a border

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FILM REVIEW: Mogul Mowgli – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writers: Bassam Tariq and Riz Ahmed

Director: Bassam Tariq

In the past few years, public discourses on British identity have been trying to shrink its definitions back to pillared buildings, lifeless statues and the selective memories of international warfare. But as Bassam Tariq and Riz Ahmed demonstrate in their blazing debut feature Mogul Mowgli, modern British identity is a living thing, expanding and changing every day as it absorbs

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London Film Festival 2020: 200 Metres

London Film Festival 2020: 200 Metres | Review


Public screenings
11th October 2020 8.30pm at BFI Player

Mustafa (Ali Suliman) is separated from his family by the long wall between Israel and Palestine. Through circumstance, he lives in Palestine while his wife and children reside across the wall in Israel, just 200 metres away; close enough that they can say goodnight to each

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London drug dealer jailed for 9 years after police recover gun from taxi travelling from his home

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London Film Festival 2020: I Am Samuel

London Film Festival 2020: I Am Samuel | Review


Public screenings
Online on BFI Player from 10th October 2020 6.30pm until 13th October 2020 6.30pm

Inspirational, brave and thoroughly heartwarming, I Am Samuel (Pete Murimi’s feature debut) demonstrates the capabilities of cinema by giving a voice to the African queer community through the story of a young, gay man living in Kenya,

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London Film Festival 2020: Farewell Amor

London Film Festival 2020: Farewell Amor | Review


Public screenings
Online on BFI Player from 9th October 2020 8.45pm until 12th October 2020 8.45pm

“Welcome Home”, exclaims the banner that hangs from the ceiling of an apartment in New York, a sincere attempt to celebrate the reunion of a family that has been continents apart for 17 years. And yet, as the

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FILM REVIEW: Undine -The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer and Director: Christian Petzold

Love me or die is an intimidating proposition, but one that protagonist Undine puts to Johannes in a quiet café in the first minutes of Christian Petzold’s new film. At this point you may be expecting a torrid psychodrama but Undine herself and the film that follows, with its touches of fantasy, is nowhere near as conventional as its opening frame suggests.

Abandoned by her

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US plans to open ‘travel corridor’ between NYC and London, report says

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US officials are hoping to open travel between New York City and London and reduce traveler quarantine periods by the holiday season.  

The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that the increase in fast COVID-19 test availability in the US has encouraged authorities to revisit plans to create safe travel corridors between the US and international destinations.  

People traveling those established routes would be

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London Film Festival 2020: Mogul Mowgli

London Film Festival 2020: Mogul Mowgli | Review


Public screenings
Online on BFI Player from 10th October 2020 6.30pm until 13th October 2020 6.30pm

Mogul Mowgli is a restless, writhing exploration of identity politics which frustrates its audience – sometimes unintentionally – but which lingers like the remnants of an unsettling dream. Starring and co-written by a captivating Riz Ahmed, Bassam Tariq’s

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FILM REVIEW: Honeymood – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer and Director: Talya Lavie

No one sleeps in Jerusalem in this wry rom com from Tayla Lavie. It might be expected the two newlyweds in Honeymood would have good reason to stay awake on their wedding night, but sex is far from their minds as jealousies and misunderstandings force them out into the streets and into a series of strange encounters with other insomniacs.

Noam’s father has booked the

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FILM REVIEW: Eyimofe (This is My Desire) -The BFI London Film Festival 2020

 Writer: Chuko Esiri

Director: Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri

There are many experiences of home, some, like Pinter, are sinister and fraught while others are celebratory and restorative. But for Mofe and Rosa, the protagonists in Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri’s debut film Eyimofe (This is My Desire), showing as part of the London Film Festival, home is a place of strife and burden as the leads plan journeys

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