Travelling with the ‘new normal’: Revamping the path for Outbound

While India is combating the global pandemic within its border, the world is eyeing the country’s potential to regain its market share to establish the powerhouse. India has subjugated the tourist outbound charts pre-pandemic especially in the Asia Pacific region even if its pre-Covid outbound digits straggled behind China.

With major focus on domestic tourism, the Indian travel sector is working towards re-booting the industry while ensuring safety and hygiene

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Real-Time, Contactless Feedback Is Essential To Adapt To The New Normal

Feedback – and especially real-time feedback at the moment of experience – is going to be more important than ever in a time when new customer needs, emotions and behaviors are changing and evolving day by day.  

As customers start to travel, shop and visit high-traffic locations once again, there is undoubtedly an increased focus on expectations around customer experience. Indeed, Covid-19 has dramatically shaken up the customer-facing industry, with

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Rahul Bose’s Gum Sneakers & Colour Co-ord Outfit Is How We Travel In Style In The New Normal

People who even remotely tuned into the Indian fashion scene feared the death of ‘airport looks’ or the best of street casual style, once we realised just how deadly and life-altering the pandemic was going to be. 

However, it seems that Rahul Bose turned out to be a saviour for us all.

Rahul Bose’s ‘Gum’ Sneakers Are A Dope Way To Fly© Viral Bhayani

As much as one would hate to admit it, people love the idea of celebrity

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All your questions about travelling in the new normal answered

Planning to travel soon? Deciding where to go right now goes way beyond just destination-specific Googling. In this pandemic world, every travel decision has to be thoroughly planned with intensive research on the destination and prevailing rules. From deciding on the place to the visa application process, to the rules about pre-departure COVID-testing, and packing the right kit to stay safe in public places–these aspects are on the minds of

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Tour packages linking rural locales turn ‘new normal’

Circuit connecting Vaikom, Ambaloor, Valanthakad, Perumbalam, and Kadamakudy being developed

With stakeholders looking up to village and Responsible Tourism (RT) destinations to woo tourists in the wake of the COVID-19 onslaught and subsequent emphasis on hygiene and physical distancing, efforts are on to hew out a tour circuit linking Vaikom, Ambaloor, Valanthakad, Perumbalam, and Kadamakudy.

Vaikom has already made waves by being the epicentre of Peoples Participation for Participatory Planning

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Five Top Architects On How Hotels Can Adapt To The New Normal

A hot topic among designers across the world is how hospitality will overcome the new challenges hotels face in the time of COVID-19. Here, some of the top architects in hospitality share their thoughts on how hotel design may evolve going forward.

Jean-Michel Gathy

Belgian-born architect Jean-Michel Gathy is the principle designer of the award-winning Malaysia-based hospitality

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Forget about the “new normal”: Design something different

As executives adjust to the realities of business during COVID-19, they often default to talking about the “new normal.” Although this phrase acknowledges that there will be differences — some of which customers have already experienced — it’s a blithe nod to the notion of coming back to something that begins to feel familiar. Sure, we now have curbside pickup, more video calls, and less actual contact between customers and

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Air Travel Latest Updates: Indians May Not be Allowed to Enter This Country When Normal International Flights Resume

a large passenger jet sitting on top of a runway

© Surabhi Shaurya | News Desk

New Delhi: In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, Indian travellers are likely to be restricted from entering South Africa. Notably, the country is all set to relax its lockdown restrictions and resume international travel from October 1. However, the South African government is facing dilemma whether it should include BRICS partners India and Brazil on a list of countries that could be debarred
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Vacation home buying in the new normal

Tom Cooney and Crystal Faulkner
Published 10:57 a.m. ET Sept. 14, 2020 | Updated 10:57 a.m. ET Sept. 14, 2020


Crystal Faulkner and Tom Cooney regular columnists for BusinessWise (Photo: The Enquirer/Meg Vogel)

Question: My spouse and I are working remotely and could use a change of scenery. Do you have any advice for purchasing a vacation home?

A: With mortgage interest rates below 3% for the first

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Normal Goes Out The Window As Summer Rentals Extend Into Fall

When the pandemic first arrived in the U.S., it initially looked like the vacation rental industry in New York’s Finger Lakes region might be an early victim. But then, something surprising happened.

“It was around mid May,” Lindsay Bolton said. “Demand went from nothing to higher than we’ve ever seen before.”

Lindsay Bolton

Bolton is the marketing manager for Finger Lakes Premier Properties, a real estate company in New York

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