Nico Tortorella on playing a ‘full-blown queer superhero’ on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Nico Tortorella breaks down his first pop culture obsessions.

Ask Nico Tortorella what they love about playing Felix on The Walking Dead: World Beyond and they’ll start with a pretty standard answer. “Felix is great,” says Tortorella. “Felix is loyal to a fault. He is a protector at heart. He is determined to keep the people around him safe and keep his community safe no matter what. He wears a … Read More

Queer collective activists refuse City’s accommodation

By Chelsea Geach Time of article published17h ago

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MEMBERS of the We See You Collective have opted to sleeping on a different friend’s couch every couple of nights, than move to the accommodation they were offered by the City of Cape Town.

The group vacated the property on Thursday as instructed by the high court and do not have to pay costs for

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