FILM REVIEW:The Reason I Jump – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Director: Jerry Rothwell

With the inclusion of the LFF Expanded series designed to create immersive visual and audio experiences, the digital programme of this year’s London Film Festival is one of the most inventive in years. Jerry Rothwell’s new documentary, in the main feature section, is based on Naoki Higashida’s book The Reason I Jump using film techniques to explore the experience of autism.

Written by Higashida when he was

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Travel Troubleshooter: Airbnb keeps canceling user accounts for no apparent reason

Q: I tried to book a vacation rental through Airbnb while traveling in Spain. I received a notification that my Airbnb account had been closed.

I e-mailed Airbnb to find out why. In response, Airbnb said it “regretted” informing me that it would be unable to support my account. It said it had exercised its discretion under its terms of service to disable my account.

I don’t know why my

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“Unpregnant” takes a serious subject and makes it the reason for a road trip

While watching “Unpregnant” I could shake off the nagging thought of the massive unfairness it illustrates. That’s the point of it, of course; the movie wouldn’t exist at all, if not for the constraints patriarchal dominances place upon women.

Honestly, though, it’s amazing that in 2020, young female characters are required to contend with a serious, frustrating and life-altering situation that would be tragic in any other context to justify

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The Surprising Reason Staycations Are The New Vacations

Staycations are the new vacations.

Americans are staying close to home and taking shorter vacations. They did it this summer, and they’ll do it again this Thanksgiving and Christmas, the other two most popular vacation periods.

You could blame the pandemic or the recession for the abbreviation of your vacation, but

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