Jim Hightower: Bringing a Rich, Aloof, Race-Baiting Congress Critter Down to Earth | Columnists

If you’re a rich, corporate-serving Trump Republican who’s been in the U.S. House so long and done so little that you’re essentially seen as a piece of congressional furniture, what do you do to save yourself when faced back home with a popular, well-organized, grassroots opponent who’s about to overtake you?

Of course, do what President Trump does: Unleash your inner racist to assail your challenger as a demonic civil-liberties

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Mid-century custom home with rich past for sale on Old Oak in Sarasota

Most people, even those who have lived in Sarasota for decades, don’t know where the Old Oak neighborhood is because it is small, private and the homes are so successfully tucked into old growth trees and foliage that it’s secret.

Unless you live there or are visiting, there’s no reason to turn off Siesta Drive and search for Old Oak Drive. But, the place isn’t isolated.

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Bringing rich, aloof Congress critter down to earth | Opinion

Some people who get elected to Congress grow in office; others just bloat. Rep. Michael McCaul is a bloater.

A self-absorbed, right-wing Trumpeteer, this Texas lawmaker is about the richest guy in the U.S. House, wallowing in some estimated $113 million in personal wealth. McCaul made his money the old-fashioned way: He married it. His wife inherited a fortune, so — with no need to work for a living —

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The wildest holiday requests from the super rich

(CNN) — Whether they’re arranging $300,000 private dinners with celebrity chefs or pop-up luxury campsites in the steppes of the northern Sahara, luxury travel agents and concierge services manage to make the impossible a reality.

Last summer, luxury concierge service Element Lifestyle secured the key to the Sistine Chapel so a New York family of six could open the doors and enjoy Michelangelo’s stunning artwork alone — an experience that
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Carole Baskin joins Robert Rich lll this Friday on “What the Freight?!”

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BUFFALO, N.Y., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Carole Baskin, big-cat rights activist and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, will be joining ROAR Logistics CEO, Robert Rich III, this Friday on “What the Freight?!”

Carole Baskin is best known for being featured in the 2020 Netflix documentary series Tiger King and

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Quarantined

Dr. Brown said he would charter the plane himself. He was nervous—the patients wanted him at their summer home in St. Michaels to screen them for Covid immediately. But it was a Thursday in summer, and driving would take forever. Forget about taking the car.

Instead, Ernest Brown, owner of Doctors to You, a Washington-area concierge-medicine group whose house-yacht/private-jet calls start at $600 a pop, drove to Gaithersburg and hopped

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Luxury hotels become home for some rich folks fleeing COVID

After a very quiet spring, Julie Danziger, managing partner of travel advisory Embark Beyond, spent the greater part of June and July booking compelling domestic alternatives for her clients, who normally favor Italian villas and Greek resorts at the end of summer.

But something strange happened in August: No one was ready to go home.

“Suddenly, all of my clients were asking where they could spend the rest of the

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Best Luxury Hotels For 2020 Rankings Reveals Surprising New Proclivities Among The Rich

LTI – Luxury Travel Intelligence – has rounded up the best hotel brands for when you want every pillow plumped, every mojito measured, and every view panoramic. From Moët to mind-melting mattresses, the recommended brands own some of the most sought after hotels and resorts around the globe.

The global members-only organization uses a thorough assessment process to rank the top brands each year.

However, things have changed somewhat in

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