The Real ‘Orient Express’ Luxury Train Is Coming To S’pore So You Can Relive Agatha Christie’s Novel

‘Once Upon A Time On The Orient Express’ Pop-Up At Gardens By The Bay From 12 Dec

The Orient Express is a legendary luxury train that inspired great works such as Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

Johnny Depp in the 2017 film version

It’s easy to be intoxicated with the train’s aesthetics because it’s rare to see anything like it in today’s MRTs and bullet trains.


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Comprehensive 1-day itinerary for domestic travel in S’pore with discounts to maximise your time & savings

Thanks to Covid-19, domestic travel is now the only form of leisure travel in Singapore.

And as more Singaporeans turn to online platforms for places they can explore, a number might be disappointed by run-of-the-mill locations that have been suggested a little too often.

On the other hand, some Singaporeans might not even know how to get started on domestic travel, or have the misconception that touristy places are expensive

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