Black activists make legal history in Steve McQueen’s astounding drama

As you’d expect from a film dedicated to George Floyd, Steve McQueen’s latest, which opens the London Film Festival, contains many weighty and sombre moments. That said, the true story of how a group of Black activists made legal history, in the early Seventies, is also giddy and gleeful. To borrow a line from one of the main characters, some of the jokes here “could make a stuffed bird laugh”.

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Steve McQueen’s Stunning Black British History Lesson

Mangrove, screening now at the London Film Festival, is the essential film of the moment. One of five films 12 Years a Slave and Shame director Steve McQueen has made for the BBC and Amazon Prime Video, it tells the story of the Mangrove Nine, a group accused of riot and affray after protesting against the police that had repeatedly harassed those who met at the Mangrove Restaurant, a West

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Steve McQueen makes history with a soul-rattling true story of racial injustice


Dir: Steve McQueen; Starring: Shaun Parkes, Letitia Wright, Malachi Kirby, Rochenda Sandall, Gershwin Eustache Jnr, Gary Beadle, Jack Lowden, Alex Jennings, Sam Spruell. Cert tbc, 126 min.

“Great men make history,” the Trinidadian historian CLR James once wrote, “but only such history as it is possible for them to make.” At the start of Mangrove, the fantastically gripping and galvanising new film from Steve McQueen, Frank Crichlow (Shaun Parkes) would

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Steve McQueen’s rousing courtroom drama makes trenchant points about injustice

Dir: Steve McQueen; Starring: Shaun Parkes, Letitia Wright, Malachi Kirby; 124 mins.

Steve McQueen’s Mangrove, which opens the London Film Festival, is a rousing courtroom drama which tells the true story of the “Mangrove Nine.” These were the Black defendants put on trial at the Old Bailey in 1971 for riot and affray after taking part in protests against unprovoked police raids of the Mangrove restaurant in Notting Hill.

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John Boyega Shows His Power as an Actor in Steve McQueen’s True-Life Drama of Police Racism in ’80s Britain

In “Red, White and Blue,” the fifth and final film of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology (and the third to be shown at this year’s New York Film Festival, after the lilting reggae house-party movie “Lovers Rock” and the wrenching social-protest courtroom drama “Mangrove”), Leroy Logan (John Boyega), a British research scientist, figures that he’s had enough of the lonely work of staring at tissue specimens through a microscope, so

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BFI London Film Festival Adds Pedro Almodovar, Steve McQueen Titles

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a man and a woman looking at the camera

© BFI London Film Festival

Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar’s English-language debut “The Human Voice” and British artist Steve McQueen’s “Lovers Rock” have been added to the British Film Institute London Film Festival.

Almodovar’s short, loosely based on Jean Cocteau’s play, presents a woman on the edge portrayed by Tilda Swinton, who is waiting for her lover to call. It will play in

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Steve McQueen Exposes the Police Brutality of the Past, and the Present

“Never count out an oppressed population” and “never count out a played-out genre” are just two of the notions that stayed with me after watching “Mangrove,” one of a five-part series of period films by Steve McQueen about London’s West Indian community.

It’s a movie about a real-life injustice followed by a courtroom drama, and if a long history of hacky biopics and feel-good activist cinema made you think this

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Steve McQueen’s British Courtroom Drama Does Justice to a Landmark Case Against Black Activists

Ask yourself: What do the words “Black Power” signify to you? That’s the question several of the Mangrove Nine put to each of the potential jurors in what would prove to be a landmark civil rights trial — one in which nine Black activists were arrested on serious charges after a public demonstration against London police harassment on Aug. 9, 1970, devolved into an incendiary example of the very thing

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Steve McQueen’s New York Film Festival Opener ‘Lovers Rock’

Watching Lovers Rock is akin to going to see Romeo and Juliet and only staying through the first act, to departing a basketball game after the first quarter, to sipping the soup and skipping the rest of the meal. A mere wisp of a thing, Steve McQueen’s 68-minute feature, the only fictional section of a five-film anthology called Small Axe about London’s West Indian community between the late 1960s and

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‘Lovers Rock’ Review: Steve McQueen’s 1980 Reggae House-Party Movie

In the most transporting scene of Steve McQueen’s “Lovers Rock,” we’re at a London house party that has just hit its smoky seductive dirty-dancing groove. It’s 1980, and most of the revelers have West Indian roots. The men, in their natty duds and rasta hats, stand against the wall smoking joints, looking for women to tug by the arm onto the dance floor (a gesture that seems coercive, but is

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