Watches of Switzerland sees luxury shoppers continue to buy online and in its regional shops – Strategy and Innovation

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Watches of Switzerland says its UK customers are still buying its luxury products online and in its regional shops, but staying away from its London shops, where footfall still remains weak.


It is now predicting its full-year revenues and profits will be higher than previously predicted.


During the Covid-19 lockdown it introduced a range of digital activities, from automated remote selling to virtual events, while improving

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Lean Strategy

Idea in Brief

The Issue

Leaders of start-ups often see strategy, the pursuit of a clearly defined path that is systematically identified in advance, as the enemy of entrepreneurship, which requires ventures to be opportunistic and quickly shift course as they learn what customers want.

The Reality

Entrepreneurs badly need strategies that articulate what their ventures will and will not do. Such boundaries are crucial for making the most of

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Post-apocalyptic road-trip strategy Overland has a big 1.2 update with an all-dogs mode

Possibly one of the most stylish turn-based strategy games around and one that’s also rather difficult, Overland just had a big 1.2 update released with some funny new additions.

A post-apocalyptic road-trip game all about making tough decisions. You thought XCOM 2 was difficult? Overland can be quite on the brutal side. Small maps that don’t give you a lot of wiggle room, with one misstep it might all be

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