FILM REVIEW: Supernova – The BFI London Film Festival 2020

Writer and Director: Harry Macqueen

One way to achieve intimacy on screen is to cast actors who have known each other a long time, director Harry Macqueen explains, because it gives them a solid character foundation to build on. Friends for 20-years, the intimacy between Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth is essential to the understated and fragile tenderness at the heart of Supernova, one of a handful of films

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‘Supernova’ Review: Firth and Tucci Excel in a Delicate Heartbreaker

Dementia is a syndrome that brings with it a unique grief: the only kind that can be shared, for a time at least, between the mourned and their mourners, until the latter are left to it themselves, awaiting a second, more sudden, farewell. Its liminal nature — blurring conceptions of life and death, self and other — is what makes it so endlessly fascinating to filmmakers and actors alike, calling

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‘Supernova’ Trailer Teases Stanley Tucci & Colin Firth’s Tragic Love Story

Come for the prospect of Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci playing a charming couple in cozy sweaters and stay for the devastating ramifications of seeing their relationship rocked by a heartbreaking diagnosis. The first trailer for Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci’s romantic drama Supernova was released on Tuesday, September 22, in order to provide film buffs with the cathartic, mid-morning cry they’ve been looking for.

The film follows Sam (Firth)

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