Hawaiian Airlines to Suspend ‘Ohana by Hawaiian Service – Honolulu, Hawaii news, sports & weather

“Those that cannot walk up the stairs on the smaller commuters, they need to use a wheelchair ramp, which Ohana is the only one that has that wheelchair ramp accessibility. On the smaller commuters weight can be a problem, so if you’re over the 200 pound mark you can be denied flying on smaller airlines. So Ohana is huge when we’re looking them right now,” Representative Decoite said.

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JetBlue and Delta indefinitely suspend flights to Stewart Airport

JetBlue and Delta Airlines have announced the indefinite suspension of their flights to New York Stewart International Airport.

Image courtesy JetBlue

JetBlue had temporarily suspended flights to Stewart and six other airports in April as part of a consolidation effort to deal with the decline in demand for air travel. The airline is planning to resume flights to five of the seven airports, with service to

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