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Qingdao, China ( TS Newswire ) — 29 Sep 2020

On September 6, a website called “the Union of Pine” appeared on the Internet. The world’s first floating island city on the high seas north of Midway island has been launched, they announced. A related organization will be set up to run the whole project and everything will be ready. And they say the floating island city will have a unique management system. At the same time, they claim that the future residents of the floating island will have an annual per capita income of $100,000.

After contacting the email address retained by the Union of Pine, we learned that the Union of Pine was founded led by 12 initiators of artificial intelligence technology. They will create a maritime city 500 km north of Midway Island in the high seas using artificial island technology.

The Union of Pine announced on its official website that its artificial island has a planned area of 10.8 square kilometers, including an airport and a dock. It can accommodate 100,000 people for daily production and living.

This union plans to recruit 30,000 residents around the world for the first time and issue about $7.5 billion in global bonds to complete the construction. Unlike similar news before, they seem to be ready to pay back and post it on the website At least, it seems that all this is true.

The Union of Pine claims that everyone on the artificial island can play all aspects of their abilities to 100%, meaning that residents will provide whatever talent they have. We can only wait and see if that happens.

Introduction to The Union of Pine: This is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the use of artificial island technology and autonomous thinking ability robots to expand the physical space of human existence and technological progress.

Company Name: The Union of Pine
Email address:[email protected]
Contacts: Cfntif Knle