University College Cork (UCC) has today confirmed the presence of COVID-19 among a number of students living in on-campus accommodation.

The college confirmed to the Irish Times that three cases of the virus were diagnosed in student accommodation after the information surfaced on social media a number of days ago.

The accommodation remains open while measures are in place such as enhanced cleaning to ensure the safety of other students living in the facility.

In a statement released by the college, they said; “Following the increase in confirmed cases across Cork in recent weeks, some confirmed cases have occurred in certain households in UCC Campus Accommodation.

“The HSE has undertaken a public health risk assessment of the situation, and those who would have been deemed close contacts are being contacted and advised accordingly.

“UCC Campus Accommodation remains open, enhanced cleaning protocols will continue and UCC will continue to work closely with HSE public health and implement any precautionary measures advised.

“HSE Public Health has advised that the rate of cases is comparable to the rate of cases generally in the community.”

The university said that measures are in place to stop the spread of the virus, while classes were already moved online for the first semester amid the current pandemic.

The news comes after 11 students were suspended last week following breaches of student rules, and among them were issues relating to public health.

UCC’s acting president, Professor John O’Halloran, issued a warning to students who breach COVID-19 regulations saying they could face serious sanctions.