By Joe Robinson

08 Oct 2020

Valve is gearing up for another ‘game festival’ on Steam, which is due to kick off later today. This will be the fourth such event to happen after the first one debuted in December last year, and is a special event where players will be able to play demos of newly released and upcoming games.

For this event, games that are due to launch between now and May 2021 will be featured, and on the wargame front there are plenty of interesting options to check out, like Slitherine’s ICBM and the indie WW2 plane mechanic simulator Until the Last Plane.

ICBM is being pitched as a spiritual successor to DEFCON, and features strategic level play around the development and deployment of military assets, mainly nuclear. The WW3 nuclear apocalypse is coming, so your job is to basically be the last man standing. Quite literally, as much of the world is probably going to be nuked into oblivion over the course of a single game. It’s a competitive, multiplayer-focused game but you can play against AI.

Until the Last Plane puts in charge of a WW2 airfield. Your job is to keep the planes fixed and armed so that they can go out on missions in an abstract take on WW2’s aerial theatres. There are campaigns that cover the USA, USSR and Germany. It’s ok, it’s not like the UK fought an entire ‘Battle of Britain’ or anything that heavily involved aeroplanes.

Aircraft Carrier Survival is one of those ‘let’s simulate a thing’ games that are becoming more common. In a vein similar to Carrier Deck, this game sees you in charge of a WW2 aircraft carrier (probably Pacific, but it’s not explicit) where you need to manage the operations of both the ship itself, and the aircraft/pilots stationed on it. You can conduct recon missions and launch air operations, whilst also dealing with any maintenance or other issues that arise on the ship itself.

Partisans 1941 is due out next week, and we’ve got a review in the works. If you want to try it for yourself though in the run up to release it’s also offering a free demo during the festival. This is a real-time stealth tactics game in a similar vein to the classic Commandos titles. It’s set on the Eastern Front during WW2, but you’re in German occupied territory, not the frontline, and you’re fighting a guerrilla war against the occupation.

The Steam Game Festival – Autumn Edition is due to run until October 13th. We’ll update this story if we spot any more interesting titles doing free demos.