Finding the most recent Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location is a must while you’re progressing through the Collector career path, because she’s an essential part of that track in Rockstar’s online Wild West. For this particular career within the Red Dead Online roles you need to seek out Madam Nazar for an initial meeting, after which she’ll sell you the Red Dead Online Collector’s License and Bag – this required equipment would cost you a full 15 Gold Bars as standard, but if you’ve already proven your worth by collecting all 54 of the GTA Online playing cards then she’ll drop the price tag and you can pick them up for free.

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Red Dead Online Madam Nazar

Finding the elusive travelling saleswoman in Red Dead Online can be tricky once your first meeting is done, as she moves around the map to a new random position on a daily basis, so here’s everything you need to know about discovering the current Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location and moving your Collector journey forward.


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Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location

Red Dead Online Madam Nazar is marked on the world map as a round icon with a thick X inside it, and if you select the Collector path from the Red Dead Online entry menu to get started on this role then you should spawn in an area fairly close by. The marker stays on your map until you reach the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location, where you can approach her caravan to initiate a cutscene and find out about becoming a Collector.

Finding Madam Nazar in the world becomes trickier after your initial meeting, as she moves around the map to a different location every day, and her marker disappears until you find her again. Helpfully, players have noticed that when they are Wanted and receive a bounty, all of the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar locations appear on the map due to a glitch. We have used this information to plot what should be every possible Madam Nazar spawn point on the map above, though that does still give you 12 different places to check.

It is possible to reveal her exact location on the map if you’ve previously purchased a Collector’s Map from her and then activate it from your Satchel > Documents > Collector’s Maps. However, be warned that if you have another Collector’s Map currently active then doing this will deactivate and remove it so you’ll lose any active collectible item markers you had.

For Monday October 5, the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location (as shown in the screen above) is by Emerald Ranch and Emerald Station, on the path along the east side of The Heartlands in New Hanover. Her location each day is completely randomly chosen from the twelve possible spawn points we highlighted earlier, so if you want the latest sightings then the outlaws over at r/RedDeadDailies or MadamNazar.IO will be posting regular updates on her whereabouts.

How to find hidden items for Madam Nazar

Once you have acquired the Collector’s License and Bag from Madam Nazar and started that role, there are a number of ways to find hidden items to sell to her for a profit. You can stumble upon them while roaming around, and using your hunter vision will reveal a golden glow rising from collectibles when they’re nearby. You’ll also receive a Collector’s Map from Madam Nazar, which you can access from your satchel, that reveals the search area for a few rare items to get you started. Further maps can be purchased from Madam Nazar, though for some types of collectibles you’ll also need to invest in the Pennington Field Shovel and the Metal Detector before you can start finding them. As noted earlier, activating a Collector’s Map will also reveal the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location on the map, if you need to visit her to turn in items or purchase more supplies.

Once you start finding hidden items, you can track down the latest Red Dead Online Madam Nazar then approach her to turn your trinkets into profit. Accessing your Collector’s Bag from the item wheel will reveal sets of items to collect, and if you can complete a section the resale value to Madam Nazar increases significantly, so it’s worth taking your time and not rushing into quick sales. Keep an eye on your mail at Post Offices to receive notifications of weekly collections, which again will net you a tidy profit if you can complete them and return to Madam Nazar before the deadline. You can also send any complete collection sets you’d like to sell to Madam Nazar via a Post Office, meaning you don’t need to find her in person to make the transaction. Happy hunting!

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