Whatever you call it – work from hotel, workation or “I need to leave before I do something I regret to the upstairs guy tearing up his kitchen floor”, fleeing the home office is not just a good idea, but it could also just be the best thing for mental health. Many of us still toil away – into the sixth month or more – from our kitchen tables, on sofas and in bedrooms.

In this review, one question the writers will ask is, does the hotel experience make work better, or does work make the hotel experience worse?

Tourist-starved hotels in Singapore are happy to accommodate home-office refugees. There are packages that fit users in a co-working space.

Not a fan of the sharing economy vibe? Then take a hotel room for a day’s stay.

Not good enough? Perhaps you would be soothed by a private suite with a living area and sofas, so you and a colleague or two might have a socially distanced meeting. For a fee, some places let you bring a pet, add a partner, or tack on a night’s stay.

Yes, you can work in a cafe. But it is more about what you cannot do – in a cafe, you cannot run a hot bath into which you have poured sweet potions, after which, clad in a bathrobe as thick as bear’s pelt, you eat a room-service meal.

How much work you get done after that is up to you.

•These workations were hosted by the respective hotels. This is part of a weekly series. For more staycation reviews, go to str.sg/SuiteLife