Actor Simba Nagpal who played the protagonist in ‘Shakti – Astitva Ek Ahsas Ki’ loves travelling and exploring new places in his free time. Owing to the travel restrictions due to pandemic and risk of contracting the coronavirus, the television actor has been laying low for a while. However, today on World Tourism Day, he shares with us, his love for travel and touring different parts of the country.

“I really enjoy exploring new places, especially when it is through road trips. Our nature has gifted us so much to see, that one life is short to fulfil that wish of seeing it all. I still try to make the best of it as and when I get time. I love to cover long distances in my car” says Simba. The actor also likes to do a lot solo travel, speaking about which he says, “When you travel with friends it has a different fun, but when you go solo and make new friends, experience new things all on your own, it is a completely different experience”.

When asked which his favourite destination of travel Nagpal maintains that he is not very particular about choosing destinations. “I’m not one to be very choosy when it comes to picking. However, I do enjoy visiting spiritual places, as we get to see a wide variety of emotions and value our country more in such places” shares the actor.

On being asked if he misses travelling to other countries, Simba answers, “Going to foreign countries is fun too. But this year I have not been able to due to the COVID pandemic. I feel sad about losing one whole year without having a destination to travel.”

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